WalMart Boycott


Walmart gone BAD!!!

  • Walmart has 2.1 million global employees, or 7-times the population of Iceland.
  • Walmart’s $405 billion in revenue in 2009 made it the 23rd largest economy in the world.
  • Every human being on Earth makes an average of 1.1 purchases from Walmart every year.
  • Each week, nearly one-third of the entire US population visits a Walmart store
  • From 2001 to 2006, Walmart single-handedly accounted for 11% of the growth in the US-China trade imbalance.
  • Walmart is the largest employer in America and the biggest in at least 25 states.
  • In 2000, Walmart was sued 4,851 times, or roughly every 2 hours
  • In the largest class action lawsuit ever, Walmart was sued by 1.6 million of its employees charging sexual discrimination.
  • The wealthiest family in the world, the Waltons have given away 2% of their fortune to charity, compared to 48% for Bill Gates and 78% for Warren Buffet.
  • One new Walmart Supercenter increases the local area’s obesity rate by 2.4%.
  • The most popular destination typed into GPS devices is ‘Walmart’.
  • They treat their employees horribly.

Look how they are treating employees

"We have been speaking out for good jobs with decent pay, regular hours, affordable healthcare and respect, but instead of working with us to make changes, Wal-Mart has attempted to silence us and has retaliated against us for speaking out. Our jobs have been threatened, our hours cut, our schedules changed. Some of us have even been fired."

-Walmart Worker

Walmart Supercenter

Friday, Nov. 29th 2013 at 12pm

2501 East North Street

Kendallville, IN


Instead of going to Walmart, go and support Meijer, Scott's, and Kroger. They have everything that Walmart has and are better. They don't make prices so low that small businesses go out of business like Walmart does.

What is indented...

We want to stop spending our precious money at a cheapskate store and give it to stores whose products are actually made in America. We want our money to go to stores who treat there employees with respect and care that they deserve. Walmart started out selling products only made in the USA, but now 70% of those products are made in China and shipped to the super-centers. To us, this is not what our country is about. We don't want stores like this and to be known to act like this. We are better than this. If Mr. Walton knew what has happened he'd be turning in his grave. I guarantee that. We're better that this and we need to put a stop to Walmart.


People who see Walmart as a threat and what to bring down the business.

Event Description

The cause of this event:
  • Americans seeing that Walmart was making the small reliable businesses go out of business.
The purpose:

  • To stop people from buying products from Walmart and seeing if they can handle the decrease in purchases

  • To make Walmart change their morals and treat employees with respect.
  • To not make small businesses go out of business

Wal-Mart: The Real Story