Narciso Rodriguez

By khamrin Massingill


BORN January 27, 1961 and still living


Rodriguez is the eldest child and only son of Cuban parents. His father, Narciso Rodríguez II, a longshoreman, and Rawedia María Rodríguez, are of descent Canadian . He grew up in Newark, New jersey . His parents were against Narciso entering fashion: "They wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer or a dentist. So when I dared to tell them, the shit hit the fan. It was crazy. But no matter how many times I heard 'No,' I just kept going. I never thought about 'no'. 'No' wasn’t an option.

more about Narciso

Rodriguez was born in January of 1961, in New Jersey, the son of Narciso, Sr. a longshoreman, and Rawedia Maria, a homemaker. His parents were immigrants from Cuba, and the future designer was the oldest of three children. Rodriguez and his two sisters were raised in Kearny, New Jersey, and in his neighborhood, he was around many women who sewed.

Facts about Narciso

1 Born January 1961 in New Jersey.

2 He got Designers of America Award in 1998

3 His parents were immigrants from Cuba

4 After high school, Rodriguez entered Parsons School of Design in New York City

5 Rodriguez left Anne Klein in 1991 when he moved to Calvin Klein as a design assistant


The parents of Narciso Rodriguez are Narciso Rodriguez SR, Rawedia Maria Rodriguez
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where he is from

his parents are immigrants of Cuba.