What Are Children Learning

When They Play With Lego Blocks

Lego Block Activity

The children will listen to what I tell them to do. I will tell them how many legos to build and what colors to use. Then, they will put the blocks together however they want to.

"When I play legos, I learn colors, numbers, creativity, and hand-eye coordination."

Children learn many things when they play with lego blocks. Children learn their numbers and colors because the instructor tells them what colors and how many legos to use. They also learn creativity and hand-eye coordination when they put the lego blocks together into whatever shape they wish to.

Lego Blocks Is Structured Play

Structured play is when children are following the instructor's directions as to what to do with their lego blocks.

Lego Blocks Is Constructive Play

Constructive play is when children create and play with objects.