Camera app

How to use your camera app

1. Unlock your iPad.

2. Point your iPad at the object you wish to photograph.

3. Press the small circular button to take a picture.

Lesson plans ideas:

1. Use your camera to take pictures around your home. Practice writing a description for each photo.

2. Choose a plant and photograph the plant at each stage of its growth.

3. Take a picture of your family and tell us what you like to do together.

4. Make a photo collage of all of your favorite foods.

5. Take three photos to depict a beginning, middle and end sequence of events.


1. Use the camera to take pictures around your home. Write the word of the object photographed or the first letter of the word.

2. Have someone take a picture of you and tell one thing about yourself.

Lesson extensions:

1. Using images, show step by step how to make your favorite food.

2. Use photos to create a story (at least 5 images displaying a sequence of events).