People of Earth

Jose Marin

Art illustrating some of the most interesting people of Earth

Have you ever been to Walmart and seen weird people to the point of wondering if they have some sort of mental disease or is that just me. There are websites that are dedicated to showing the whole world the amazing shots of some of these people, and i want to do my part. I will go around anywhere i can and illustrate my versions of the most unique people i can find.


i will be going around local areas, i will carry a sketch journal with me everywhere i go so in case i spot someone i have time to at least identify what they look like.

The People

i will have to draw an outline quickly if i have the time, if i don't i will have to take a snapshot of my subject. this i believe will be the most complicated part because people do not like pictures of them being taken, i know from experience.


Timing as I have mentioned before is a very important key factor. not only does the time i have with my subject matter, but also season. winter will probably be my favorite simply because all the layers.


there will be plenty of challenges along the way, such as appropriate timing. if i'm out with my family at diner i can't just start drawing that would be uncomfortable and also my mother thinks its disrespectful, and taking a photo is simply not going to happen. i have to watch out for all of these issues. someone once said there is a solution for everything, that is not true but in this case it is. i will just simply have to remember what my subject looks like as close to the real person as possible.

Start Date

when is the right time to start hmm? Today. i see weird people everyday and everywhere i go, some of them i see everyday. there are some sketches of people already on my sketch journal so this is really nothing new, however this will be the first time i will be documenting.