IE International Executive Program

The Digital Tourism Business

The tourism sector has been fundamentally re-architected with social media, mobile and ecommerce strategies over this past decade. Success in this digital ecosystem demands that a marketer understand these new dynamics and underlying technology that is transforming business by dramatically altering the way people communicate, create, collaborate, share information, purchase and complete other transactions.

This program will acclimate students to the 2014 digital travel landscape through exposure to dynamic case studies and thought leadership, as well as practical experience to digital business strategies, techniques, tools, platforms, KPI’s that are driving the digital travel revolution, helping the business manager to identify and embrace current and future opportunities to reach, engage with, and learn from customers.

Dates: April 7- April 10, 2014

Faculty and Guest Speakers

"Spain is leading in tourism"

Check out Antonio Lopez Avila interview!


Program Manager- Karolina Cintron
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Program Coordinator- Mariel Gonzalez
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