Lebron James

By Anthony

Lebron James-A Shooting Star!

Could you imagine being a professional basketball player? Well, today you will be learning about one of the greatest. Lebron James is a professional basketball player who has won many awards. When he was a young boy who dreamed of playing in the NBA and many years later his dream came true. In fact, he could dunk on the little baby hoops at 2-3. He was born in December 30 1984. Right now he is 30 years old. Another fact is he used to play for the heat. He was also the MVP 2 times! He won 2 championships too. Also he is a small forward.

Lebron James's Top 10 Dunks Of His Career

Lebron the Kid

Lebron James always lived with Gloria his mom. Growing up, Lebron lived a lonely childhood, and he was also poor. He had to move around from house to house often because his mom couldn’t afford the rent. In fact, once he slept on his cousin's couch and he also spent many nights in hotels. Unfortunately, his dad was in jail and he didn’t want to raise his child so he ran away from his family. When he was a young boy, his mom got him a toy hoop, and he played for hours every day.

Lebron in High School

When Lebron James was in high school he got recruited to join the Vincent St Mary High school basketball team in 1999. He played basketball for four years in high school. He also led his team to the division championship while in high school. After graduating, he was drafted first overall pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers. After, seven years he left to play for the Miami Heat where he is currently playing

How many championships did he win?

Lebron James won 2 championships with the Miami Heat and numerous awards. One of the awards was the rookie award. The Rookie Award is where the best of the best rookie get a medal for playing the best. He also won MVP 4 times!. Lebron also was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Additionally, he was the best NBA and received an ESPY Award. James led the Cavs to the finals in 2007. Lebron won his first championship in 2012 with the Miami Heat defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Helping Others in Akron

Lebron James established The Lebron James Family Foundation to help boys and girls that have learning disabilities. This foundation provides children with an active lifestyle and a strong education. At the foundation people help 40-60 children everyday! Amazing right! He also plays with the kids. In fact, he has been known to visit the foundation and shoot hoops with them.