Characterization of Eric Greitens

by: Eric Sharpe

My Impression of Eric Greitens

I learned that Mr. Greitens was a very dedicated and brave man. I felt like he was a soldier on and off the battlefield. He traveled to multiple countries and adapted very quickly. While he was in those countries he helped many people, especially children, who were in very bad need of help. He lived among the refugees in the refugee camps which showed that he was very self reliant. This also showed his bravery because sometimes these refugee camps were very dangerous and could be violent.

He was hard working and kept his word. He would help out with whatever needed to be done in the camps. He also worked very hard when training for the Navy SEALS. He told the student in China that he would take the film back to the USA and he did. He really did have a "Warrior's Heart". He was very observant about people's emotions and tried to help when he was able to. He was a team player. He adapted to the people he worked with in the refugee camps and also in military situations.