The Lasting Effect of Assola

Kendall Dunn, Christian Hughes, Bakhtawar Yasir

What is Assola?

Assola is a parasite that is contracted by ingestion or blood contact. It was first seen in Portugal in a group of 50 workers from a meat packing facility with infested meat. From initial contact with infested blood or ingestion, the victim has a two week period to be treated until death. Assola is named after the Portuguese word for destroy, assolar, because Assola destroys the circulatory system.


After 1.5 week there could be...

Hair loss

Short term memory loss

Muscle spasms

Muscular dystrophy

Large, gorging sores on skin



The rate of infection is 45% (0.45), which means that the infection growth factor is 1.45. This is similar to the spread of HIV in Nigeria, which has the infection rate of 55%. This is because it is also a disease that is spread through contact and infects upon single touch, but it is slightly lower because blood contact is less common. The initial infection is also lower in Assola because the data began with 50 people as opposed to 32,845 people.

Rate of Infection

The equation to determine infected population over time is 50x1.45^x. In this, 50 is the initial infected population, 1.45 is the infection factor, and x is the years after infection.

1 Million would be infected in 26.65 years

10 Million would be infected in 32.85 years

25 Million would be infected in 35.32 years

To Infect the Entirety of Portugal...

The infection of 10.4 million people would take 32.96 years. However, to infect the entire population of Portugal in 5 years, it would take the initial infection of 1,622,532 people to spread the disease.