Gray Wolves

by: Jocelyn Vazquez


Gray Wolves commonly lived in North america years ago. But the population of Gray wolves got exterminated between the mid 1930's. Today Gray wolves have been seen in Canada, Alaska,and also the great lakes. Gray Wolves are require to live in large areas mostly in forest and mountainous areas.Mexican Gray wolves can be living in the desert and also in the south west
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  • 7,000 gray wolves in Alaska
  • 3,700 gray wolves in the Great lakes
  • 1,675 in the Northern Rockies


Gray wolves travel and hunt with packs around 7-8 wolves in the pack. The pack has to have a mother and a father also called the Alphas.They also include the pups and other wolves that are growing.The alphas are typically are the leaders of the pack.So they usually track and hunt the food.They decide where the dens but also territory are going to be.Gray wolves establish social bonds with the pack so they get along. Gray wolves are more active at dawn and dusk.They howl more often when the night is lighter but also when the moon is full.


Wolves help our ecosystem by keeping the deer and elks population.Which also help species of plants and other animals.Their food provides nutrients for them but also provide food to the other animals. Gray wolves eat and also hunt large hoofed animals. Like elk deer and moose.Gray wolves also eat beaver, rabbits and other small prey.


Gray wolves have many threats. Many gray wolves are dying because of conflict with humans. Some men or women kill but also hunt on the gray wolves if there near the livestock area. This happens because of all the stories they make wolves sound villainous.So may people think there dangerous species to be near them so they think is more better to get rid of them. Gray wolves are going through losing their habitat.This happens because us humans are building highways making building killing but also hunting their food. But also taking away their tress on the forest. By taking there food wolves can't help the population of elks and deer. They also won't help plants and other species.So we are typically destroying the ecosystem around the forest.