Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

By: Judy Blume


This is a great book for boys and girls. There are two brothers in this story. One of the brothers is Fudge his real name is Farley Drexel Hatcher. But everyone calls him Fudge for short and their mother thinks it is kind of a adult name. There is one more person named Peter Hatcher. He is a older brother to Fudge. Peter won a pet turtle named Dribble. Fudge needs an adult supervision at all times. Things can get out of hand. Peter helps his parents a lot for Fudge. I think you should read it all the way to the end to see what happens!

Review of the book

I think this was a very funny book! I liked the part where Fudge threw mashed potatoes on the wall at the restaurant. I also liked the parts in this book when Fudge says Pee-Tah. Also when Fudge thinks he is a certain animal then a human. I think you will love this book to the end! Also there is some gross things in the book.

Favorite passage

My favorite passage was when Peter got a surprise because it was a happy moment for him. I also like the part in the book when Peter's dad said that Fudge can't do what he did last time! I also liked it because it ended with a happy ending like a fairy tale! And the surprise was only for Peter and not Fudge. Fudge can get the surprise maybe when he is older. After all that was my favorite part of the book!!
Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
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Character Poem

Fudge Hatcher

Funny, abnormal, and lovable

Like my cousin Jonathon

Working, Eating, and Fighting

In a place called the mall

Very weird to have friends.

By: Hannah