cyber bullying

learn to prevent cyber bullying

:Cyber bullying is bullying over the internet by phone or email. You can be made fun of by pictures or sent rude texts or emails. Cyber bullies usually just want power over the other person to feel better about them selves

tips to prevent cyber bullying

  1. Don’t encourage someone to bully someone over the internet

  2. If you cant say something nice over the internet don’t say anything at all

  3. Don’t post bad \embarrassing things about people on the internet

  4. If someone is being bullied online and you know you should tell someone

  5. Don’t Get get involved in a group that is cyber bullying

  6. If your being bullied by getting mean emails then just ignore them

  7. If you get a mean text or email keep it to show to a parent

  8. If its on facebook and it gets really bad block the person