Industrial Age

Conner Flohaug

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was an American industrialist. He made all of his money in the steel industry. In the 1900's, his company made more steel than all of Great Britain. . He is important because he helped with the process in making steel. He had become a millionaire and once he sold the company, he gave away millions of dollars and built 2,500 public libraries.

Andrew Carnegie, Wikipedia, February 1, 2014,

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Henry Bessemer

Henry Bessemer was an inventor, engineer who developed the first process for manufacturing steel inexpensively. He developed the first cost efficient process for the manufacture of steel in 1856, essential to the development of skyscrapers. The "Bessemer Process" for mass-producing steel, was named after Bessemer.

Henry Bessemer- The Steel Man

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Samuel Gompers

Samuel Gompers was an English-born American cigar maker who became a labor union leader and a key figure in American labor history. From 1850-1924, Samuel Gompers was the co-founder and first president of the American Federation of Labor. Born into a Jewish working-class family in London, Gompers migrated with his family to New York City in 1863.

Samuel Gompers

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Central Pacific Railroad

  • The Central Pacific Railroad is the former name of the railroad network built between California and Utah, USA that formed part of the "First Transcontinental Railroad" in North America. It is now part of the Union Pacific Railroad. A practical mountain route for the rail line was first conceived and surveyed by Dutch Flat, California gold prospector and drugstore owner Dr. Daniel W. strong and engineer, Theodore Dehone

    Judah, who obtained the financial backing of the California group and won federal support in the form of the Pacific Railroad act, signed in 1862 by former railroad lawyer Abraham Lincoln.

  • Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

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