Sus Eleva


The Sus Eleva has advanced vision for spotting predators in the dark, advanced hearing for hearing predators, longer fur to stay warm, a smaller body (half the original size), claws for defending itself and longer tusks for defending its young.


The Sus Eleva is an herbivore, eating ferns and gets its water from ponds.

Present Day Sus Scrofa to year 3000+ Sus Eleva

Food Chain/Web


The Sus Eleva will make its home in a cave high up a mountain in case of flooding, which happens frequently. It will use its claws to climb up the mountain. The young will be higher up, while the adults will be lower on the mountain, guarding the young from any wildcat that would try to climb the mountain.


The Sus Eleva's predator is a species of wildcat. To defend itself it uses claws and to defend its young, it uses tusks to keep distance and to gore.