European history tour

Starting out

The place where music got started is in Holland. There were four main composures Sweelinck, Lassus, Josquin, and Ockeghem. These composures traveled Europe to play music. The next slides will show you some places they went and some famous places in music history.

Mons, Belgium

This is where Lassus was born. When he was young they say he got kidnapped 3 times because people wanted to here his voice. When he was twelve he left Mons.

Deventer, Netherlands

Sweelick was born in Deventer. He was born in Apirl or May. Really soon after he was born, he moved to Amsterdam and that is where he grew up.

Hainaut, Belgium

This is where Josquin was born. He was born around the area controlled by the dukes. Some people think that he was born just across the border of France. Everyone thought he was a Frenchman.

Saint-Ghislain, Belgium

This is the area that Ockeghem was born in. He lived there and followed Binchois. He was a composer that lived in Hainaut. He developed the same style as Binchois and showed some moves by him too.

Paris, France

Paris is known for music all the way back to the 10 century. They mainly had classical and romance music. The place in Paris that was really popular is the Notre Dame School. A lot of musicians would come to Paris to preform in musicals and concerts.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for music history. One of the first and most famous composures Sweelinck lived there for a while. Sweelinck traveled from Amsterdam to a lot of places across the North Sea.