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Do Free Prescription Savings Cards Definitely Operate?

Prescription rates for name brand and generic medicines have been on the rise for many years, so we wanted to understand if it truly was possible to save dollars having a totally free prescription savings card.

We wanted to locate a card that would allow us to enroll free of charge. We also did not wish to have a card that would expire or limit the pharmacies where it could possibly be employed. We also wanted a card that we could simply pass along to our loved ones and friends.

We start our search and discovered a card that claimed to save among 15% and 75% off from the value of medications at over 54,000 pharmacies across Usa and Puerto Rico. Many of the major chain pharmacies and retail outlets that offer pharmacy services are among individuals who have contracted to give savings to those that have this card.

The pharmacy savings card may very well be printed in the supplier's site. We did not want to provide our name, e-mail address, telephone number or order a card and wait for it to come in the mail. We simply printed the web page that contained all the specifics the pharmacies required to be able to discount medication costs.

With all the card in hand, we enlisted an elderly lady whose prescription medication expenditures totaled almost $400 per month. Since the card did not have our name on it, we could merely give it to her for her to utilize during that month's obtain.

Soon after she paid for her prescriptions, she excitedly reported that she had saved over $330. She was in a position to buy her month-to-month prescriptions for only $70. We then enlisted a young lady using a $200 a month prescription.

With no insurance coverage, she told us that the $200 depleted her monthly discretionary earnings. Soon after using the card for her medicines, she was able to save $100 off of her bill.

Since the card will not need that you have your name or even a certain account quantity, we were in a position to take the card to areas exactly where compact firms, not-for-profit organizations, restaurant workers, churches, uninsured or underinsured and more could make use of the card to save on their prescription expenditures.

So, do no cost prescription savings cards genuinely operate? From what we've seasoned, you can find absolutely free prescription savings card applications that genuinely do save cash for the men and women that use them.

What's much more could be the card we identified that only seem to prescription medications but additionally could be employed as for a laboratory and health-related imaging expenditures.

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