Environmental issues: Tornadoes.

Statistics/charts about how Tornadoes affect our future.

Global Warming and Information that helps bring Tornadoes into our subject.

It is to say that within our past history Tornadoes have been a large effect on many parts of the world; including the 1930's dust bowl that had taken place in the U.S and Canada, The Bangladesh tornado that had happened in India in 1973 and etc.
Although with the passing years that blow right by, the serious issue of Global warming itself has began to grow and come at an alarming rate for both humans and planet Earth itself.

Many statistics say that we as humans are what causes the Global warming with carbon dioxide, and with that the toxic air lays surrounded and locked within a thick barrier that is the ozone layer. It might seem like no big deal, but the real truth is that it doesn't only affect us as people but it also affects the weather and the way it works: which brings us to our main subject of Tornadoes and how Global Warming gives it its extra push.
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In the charts above it reveals that over the somewhat recent years, with the development of global warming has also brought up the alarming rates of Tornadoes within the causes of so. it comes to show that when we as people decide to let our earth be destroyed, that there are more than just one thing that can grow worse. . . such as the information given above and below in the charts.