If you want to be the best, then

go to Cherub and conquer the contest

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Cherub: The Recruit

By: Robert Muchamore

A Realistic Fiction Novel

"Children can do things adults cannot...Cherub gives children the chance to prove themselves."

The Cherub school is an amazing school for boys and girls who want to show off their talents both physically and mentally. Bring out the best in you and use it to your advantage in this school. The Cherub school gives you a chance to show what you are good at. Fight the 100 day test to get in; James Choke did it so why can't you? The Cherub school gives all students the things they need to thrive. For instance, if you are a great swimmer, you can have access to a pool. If you are a computer coder, you will have access to computers. Along with being able to succeed after and during the 100 day test, you can make great friends that stay with you to the end. The 100 day test is grueling and rugged, but after after you finish, you may act just like a regular everyday student. The test is difficult for many reasons, including the ability to physically push yourself to the limit. There is one small twist though; if the principal recognizes your excellence, you may be invited to a mission to help save people around the world. All in all, the Cherub school is a perfect fit for boys and girls wishing to show their true talents in a school that is more than just ordinary. The quote above is saying that going to the Cherub school helps kids get out of their parents shadows and experience life for themselves. Going to Cherub gives kids the chance to show their true abilities without having to stay in their usual, ordinary, schools. The quote is said by Mac, the principal of Cherub, trying to encourage James Choke to join. The slogan is encouraging children to go prove themselves by traveling to the Cherub school. After passing the 100 day trial, you can become successful in so many ways.

By Keane Timbol