Christmas in Mexico

By Cailee stone

How it is celebrated

Christmas in Mexico is a holiday when the celebrant reenact the day when Joseph and Mary went looking for shelter before baby Jesus was born. The celebrants go house to house carrying images of Joseph and Mary looking for shelter.

The children get to hit a piñata and collect the treats. If the children were being good on January 6th the three wise man will bring them presents.

This holiday is celebrated December 16th-24th.

At midnight the celebrants attend a roosters mass and sing lullabies to baby Jesus.

Christmas in Mexico

Monday, Dec. 16th, 12am to Monday, Jan. 6th 2014 at 12pm



The celebrants have punch with a lot of fruit guavas, pineapple, strawberry, and many more fruits. They also have sweet tamales, chicken, turkey, and pork, corn, green beans, and mash potatoes.


  • Candles
  • Cut paper
  • A piñata
  • Possibly a tree

3 kings day

On January 6th 3 kings day takes place. The children who have been good recive presents from the 3 wiseman. The children sometimes leave little treats for them like grass for the camels.