Road to Perseverance

By: Taylor O'Malley

What is Perseverance?

PERSEVERANCE is overcoming and pushing through your hard adversities. In the end, you should TRIUMPH and accomplish your ADVERSITY.

Losing to Win (Problem/Solution)

In a little town called Carroll County, there is a school called Carroll Academy. This school is for girls and boys that are sent there by court or other schools. This school helps kids get back on their feet because they are very poor and need help. These kids can either try and thrive at this school to get back on their own two feet, or they could not try and not make something out of themselves. At Carroll Academy, there is a special basketball team for girls that help them with their troubles at home and at school. This team is called “The Lady Jags”. Most of these girls have never played basketball in their whole lives. This team is a team who always loses. They have lost 212 straight games and haven’t won a game since 2005. All of these girls can either stop fighting and give up on their dreams, or they could stay positive and just have fun with the people they're with. The girls on the team go into this academy needing help, but they come out wanting to help others.

Kid President (Cause/Effect)

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Eleanor Roosevelt (Description Paragraph)

Eleanor Roosevelt wasn’t just a women of her words, she was a woman of her actions. It all started when Eleanor was born on October 11, 1884. Her mother was very MOROSE when she found out it was a boy. She was really hoping for a great man for when she was older. Eleanor’s mother would always call her ugly and worthless in such a PETTY way. Eleanor would just YIELD and not say a word. She knew her mother would adhere to being mean, so she finally left to live with her grandmother in 1902 to become her own woman. When she arrived to her grandmother’s neighborhood she fell in love with an amazing man named Franklin D. Roosevelt. On March 17, 1905 she got married to Franklin. When Franklin became really interested into politics so did Eleanor. She didn’t just help people with their education and rights because it looked good for Franklin, she did it because she actually cared. She didn’t care of what others thought of her, she just wanted to make a difference. It states “Eleanor threw herself into the campaign despite her grandmother’s and mother-in-law’s insistence that her place was not in the public eye”. This shows that she actually cared. Eleanor did so many INSPIRING things to show that she was a woman of her words.

Jackie Robinson and His Journey (Sequence Paragraph)

First it started when Branch Rickey called Jackie. Initially Branch Rickey talked to Jackie Robinson about joining the MLB. Then he started talking about all of the racial comments that he would hear and actions that he would face. Jackie knew this would be hard, and he didn’t know if he should take it or not. He finally ended up taking the offer. Next Jackie was ready for his first game. He was terrified for all the racial actions and comments he would have to face during this game. At last he stepped up to the plate and hit away. He made it to first and realized it was all going to be fine. Even though there were comments no man should ever hear, Jackie kept playing and turned the other cheek. Finally he was on third base and stole home. He walked into the dugout with his teammates cheering him on and patting him on the back. He felt so happy that people would accept him for who he is but then some of the people wouldn’t. After the game Jackie heard screaming people say “get off the field” and “you don’t deserve to be here”. When he heard those people say those things he finally understood what the rest of the season would be like. He knew he could take it and took a long deep breath.
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Conclusion Paragraph

Perseverance is a hard and tiring thing to get through. After you watch people persevere, you learn from others that not everything is about winning. It's about making sure you finish what you started. Achieving your goal is what's important, not if you win or lose.