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Weekly Newsletter - September 3, 2019


In Ken Blanchard’s video interview on Mastering Self Leadership, he states that “effective leadership is a transformational journey beginning with self-leadership” (2013). The personal work of leaders must include strengthening our curiosity, mindfulness, and positivity to continuously develop the reflective and healthy habits of becoming successful leaders. Leading schools and organizations are much more than the simple results of profit or test scores. Our life’s work and the people we serve are the measures in which we can show our positive impact on schools, communities, and the world. Leaders must intentionally focus on themselves first, so that they can develop the self-discipline, vision, and wellness to most effectively serve, inspire and lead through personally meaningful work.

Click on the video below to listen to the six-minute video of Ken Blanchard's interview.

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Ken Blanchard on mastering self leadership

Emergencies on Campus!

When to Call:

  • Threats (made in person, on social media, written, or rumored)

  • Weapon on Campus (found or rumored)

  • Bus Accident

  • Domestic Altercations

  • Drugs on Campus

  • Lockdowns/Lockouts

  • Distribution of Inappropriate Material

  • Police or First Responders on Campus

  • Sexual Misconduct

Who to Call:

  • Kevin Kinley: 817-524-9532

  • If no answer the second point of contact is your Area Director of Student Services

    • Joe Baker: 913-749-7101 (Fossil and Central Feeder Patterns)

    • Laura Lockhart: 817-914-3107 (Keller and Timbercreek Feeder Patterns)

  • Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

    • Dustin Blank: 817-320-5869

  • Stephanie Cantu: 817-744-1115
  • Appropriate Area Superintendent

Positive and Connected Cultures

It is time to begin our next phase of SEL work. If you are interested in joining the journey, please use the link to apply.

SEL Committee Application:

Attendance to all 4 meetings will be required.

Thanks for your consideration.


Updates and Information

  • On September 26th at 10:00 we will have our first Education Support Webinar. The agenda includes: Required At Risk Training - Assessment Update - Student Culture Update. Click on the zoom meeting link to access the webinar. Please keep in mind it is the expectation you know the information presented on these webinars.

  • All the required ROCK Training PowerPoint have been posted to the Student Services Site under ROCK and training. All teacher, student, and staff training must be completed by Oct. 25, 2019. Click here to access all the pieces of training and attestation.

  • We have sent Crime Stoppers/Friends for Life all the updated contacts for this new school year. Please be sure to post the posters in your bathrooms, libraries, ISS, cafeteria, counselors office, and main hallways. If you need any additional materials (posters, cards, etc...) please contact Rachel Gilbert at She will be happy to deliver them to you.

Upcoming Dates

  • Sept. 4th and 5th - Required Assistant Principal Meetings 8:30-12:00 - Click here for meeting assignments: Optional AP Curriculum Work with C & I - 1:00-4:00. Click here for the working agenda for the day. It will be finalized the week of September 3rd.
  • Sept. 9th or Oct. 7th 1:00- 4:00: Discipline Referral Do’s and Don’ts and Legal Department Orientation. This is required training for all new AP’s and is an optional training for existing AP’s. Both topics will be covered on September and October 7th. You only need to sign up for one-half day. So you may choose using one of the links here: Day 1 - Sept. 9 OR Day 2 - Oct. 7
  • September 19th - Threat Assessment Training for all new AP's, Counselors, and SRO's. Click here for link to sign up
  • September 27 is the end of School-Start window for 7-12 grade campuses. Students who were coded as a dropout (98) for 2018-2019 must be enrolled in another educational setting by this date otherwise they will be counted as a dropout against your campus for accountability.

Big picture

The R.O.C.K. Flyer is on the Principal Matrix with the live link.

More Professional Development for You!

As school leaders we have to respond to crises as they occur and if we aren't careful, it will take us away from our purpose. Mr. Kafele reflects in the book how his first few years of being a principal as 1. random 2. reactive 3. haphazard. As he grew into the role, he realized he needed to act with intentionality. Question 2: Do I aim to be intentional about what I do as a leader?

Click on the following link to give your input:

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Dustin Blank - Assistant Superintendent of Student Services X1061

Joe Baker - Area Director of Student Services X1083

Stephanie Cantu - Student Services Assistant X 1115

Laura Lockhart - Area Director of Student Services X 1105