May Team News

Living and Loving the Green Dream!

In the swing of spring!

I love the excitement of spring. School year commitments begin to wind down, and people are ready to get outdoors and have some fun! So approach those teachers to tell them you have a great idea for a summer job for them! Call that friend who would be great at hosting a fun outdoor Norwex party! This is a really fun and busy party season, so be sure to be proactive to book your calendar now! My schedule and family allows me to book 5 a month, and hopefully hold at least 4. With those connections I'd love to have at least one person join my team a month, so 5-4-1. What about you? Have you thought about how you'd like your calendar to look? Take some time to set some goals, then get after it! Can you feel the excitement of spring??


I'm so excited to say that you did it!! We had such an excellent month sharing Norwex and spreading the vision in April that our team promoted to the level of Executive Sales Leader! I can't wait to share with you the new training and support I receive to help you grow in your businesses! I am so thankful for how God has generously blessed me with Norwex in the first place and has blessed me with a great business and awesome team! I'm so thankful for all of you and the incredible vision of Norwex we can share with others! I did NOT think I'd be the type to earn promotions doing a home-based business (I just grabbed a free kit to check it out!!!), so take heart! You could, too!!!

April Recognition!!

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Fun Summer Party Themes!

Summer is a great time to pull together a fun party! Give your host some new ideas to pull their crew together! There are many ideas that even have invitations to go with them on the Dream Team Training site. You can also check out Pinterest for more creative theme party ideas! What fun will you add to your parties?

Wine and Shine: Everyone loves a night out to relax, right?

Norwex Pamper Party: Focus on the skin care/body care options!

Spring Cleaning Open House

Go Green: Give credit for wearing green, have all green food!

Mystery Hostess: Great opportunity for you to invite customers to learn more!

Flip Flop Frenzy: Vote on the best flip flops!

Toss Your Toxins: Give a discount if they bring 5 cleaners to toss out!

Microfiber and Mimosas: Pretty obvious :)

Chocolate extravaganza: All things chocolate! You could even clean chocolate off of something

Cleaning and Cupcakes: pretty self explanatory, too :)

Product Training: Personal Care!

Fall Reveal

Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 7-9pm

1150 Thames Dr

Rochester Hills, MI

The meeting in August will be after the National Conference and will be VERY exciting--full of new information and you'll be able to see and win some of the NEW products!! Be sure to watch for details, you won't want to miss it!

Contact Me!

As always, I'm here for you except when I'm with my sweet crew! :) Feel free to email/message me with your questions or shoot me a text with anything pressing! If I'm delayed in responding, please have mercy! These incredible munchkins keep me on my toes! :)