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Kid Created-Teacher Approved - November 17, 2014

Living Like a Pilgrim

We had to do daring and hard things to survive in the Pilgrim Simulation. We had to survive on a very small and cramped ship, to get to the New World. We had to come up with gross and duskusting foods to survive. Some of us arrived in October, November , or December.

When you work together, things get done faster and better. For example, we had to work together to protect our tools. We also had to come up with a compact to keep everyone together. It was easier to work together so we didn't start to fight.Teamwork is hard when you are cramped on a ship. Teamwork is easier when you are on land.

Written by: Shane, Ryan, Cassidy, Daniel, Hayden, and Vinny

Martin Magic

This past week students were able to visit the collaboration rooms to create a Venn Diagram while researching similarities and differences in sea turtles and tortoises.

Also, the final count was over 2,000 items donated to the food pantry. Thank you to all who donated, it was heart-warming to see how our community can pull together to so something so amazing!

Multiplication Madness

In Mrs. Hoffman's class we learned skip counting songs by 3,4,6 7, and 8. We also did testing on if we knew our 3s and 4s. We had Mrs. Schaefer's class come and practice with us. We also learned the 9 trick with skip counting. We had a competition with the boys and the girls.

Written by: Yasmine, Evelyn, Logan M, Evan, Ethan, and Cole

The Wonders of Writing

An advertisement is trying to convince you to buy something. Something the seller says: if you buy one you get one free. Usually an advertisement would include a slogan, the cost, and a logo.

We also did I'm Thankful For slide show. We had 2-3 sentences about what we are thankful for. We had 8 slides. We wrote this all on Google Drive. You were able to write everything you were thankful about and what you are thankful for.

Written by: Brandon, Ella, Talon, Natalia, Arya

Ready for Reading

This week we read Tops and Bottoms. The genre in this book is animal fantasy. Also, the author's purpose is to entertain the reader. Our favorite part is when Hare tricked Bear.

When we read Jr. Great books, we learned how to annotate. When we annotated, we highlighted and wrote down questions and information.

November Dine-n-Share

Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 11am-11pm

8515 Redtail Dr

Village of Lakewood, IL

Please make sure to bring in the flyer (will be distributed later this week), or show a digital copy of the flyer to give us credit for the sale. Thanks for your support.
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