My 4th grade adventure

217 first quarter reflections

first quarter accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment was most likely my animal origin on crazy talk from picking a animal to telling a story to the computer using the six traits. First we picked a animal then we had to pick a interesting characteristic that the animal had. After that we had to make a story how the animal got the characteristic. We finally made a climax pyramid and then crazy talked it on the computer.

first quarter challenges

My first quarter challenge was fear fest because there was a lot of teamwork and it took up a lot of time, though fast time. I remember the second our first performance when we were about to get on stage. I remembered how much we practiced and would not forget a word and even if we did nobody would noticed.

First Quarter Goal

My first quarter goal is to be better with the six traits which is ideas, voice, sentence fluency, organization, word choice, and conventions the reason this is my goal is because I don't think any of these traits are in my writing when it should.