All About Me

- Taylor Wallenkamp Computers 4b -

Some Things To Start Off.

I Am A 14 year old girl form Marshall Wisconsin . There are somethings that I can share about y life that some people might be able to relate by. Like about the fact that my parents are divorced . I still see my dad on the weekends but I Live here in Marshall with my mom during the week . I have a half brother named Keagan on my moms side. On my dads side its a little more complicated than that.. On my dads side we took in my two cousins Raina && Mason because there mom my aunt is currently in Prison . But we are going through the process of adopting Raina right now. It shall be over soon and then all that's left will be mason . MY life has changed a lot over the years & I am excited to be able to share it with you .

My Week .

There are a lot of things that I end up doing during the week . I usually go to the gym with my mom 4 out of the 5 days that I am with her when I am not in school sports. When I am not at the gym or at school I am spending time with my family. I love my family and I know if i ever need anything anything at all then they would be there for me to catch me when I fall . At times its not easy being a child in a divorced family because I know that its hard on my brothers and sister. Raina Is only three so she dosent really understand that I'm only there on the weekend but I try to go over to my dads every Tuesday night and eat dinner with them .

My Moms

I Live with my mom on the Week days. I live there with My mom Brother Keagan and Step dad Mike . My mom also got remarried in 2005 to my step dad. I get a long good with mike Just like I do with Lisa. During the week me and my mom spend a lot of time at the stables. One passion that me and my mom share is Horse showing. I do this with her Molly Her Mom Emmy and her brother Calder. Me and Molly were raised together doing a lot of the same things and this is one of the first things that we started together. My Mom and her mom were brought up together doing horse shows so I guess you can say that's where it came from . We put a lot of hard work and time into it , recently we went to the Horse Banquet and me and Molly both won Custom made saddles. It was a big win for both of us and we had no idea so it made it that much more exciting to get it.

My Dad

I get to see my dad on the weekends when he is home . Sometimes the scheduling for when he is home does not always work out due to the fact that he drivers truck for his job. He is gone during the week and I dont get to see him much. But he calls me each night and I get to talk to him . When I was two years old my parents got divorced. In 2005 my dad had got remarried to my step mom Lisa. She is amazing and I love her. Me and Lisa have a really good relationship. We can go out together and do fun stuff just the two of us and it is not awkward at all.. She is truly like my second mom . During the week when I come over for dinner we make it together and we have a lot of fun doing it. My dad was adopted by my grandpa when he was two years old so he never really knew his dad. But earlier this summer Me and Lisa were going through some old pictures and found a box of pictures of my dads relay dad jack form my grandmas house. We found one picture that really stood out to us. It was a picture Of Jack ( My dads real dad ) When he was in high School. Me and Lisa could not believe our eyes.... It looked exactly like my dad. We sent the picture to my dad and grandma some things happened and the next thing you know,, We have People Contacting us telling us that they are related to us. The biggest shocker that came out of this was the fact that we found out that my dad has a brother that is one year younger than him! His name is Mike and he lives In Florida. There were aunts uncles cousins and other relatives that we got in contact with . Well... Mike ended up flying up to Wisconsin and staying with us for a week . Our Cousins Michel and Andrew through a party for us , they live in the baraboo bluffs on the Wisconsin River . We ended up spending a weekend out there and had a lot of fun (:

Music && Movies

Im not to picky when it comes to music , I like a lot of different types of music all things interest me . Some of My Favorite Artists are

- Katy Perry

- Demi Lavato

- Fall out Boy


- Ron Pope

- One Republic

I know it may sound a little cheesy but I Love Disney Princess Movies they have been deffinatly my favorite since I was a little girl, Dressing up like them dancing around my house thinking I was one was my dream when I was younger , I also really like Horror and Romantic Movies . Some Are

- The Little Mermaid

- The Notebook

- The Conjuring

- Pocahontas

- The Vow

- Devils Due

In My Future

When I was Younger I Wanted to be a Disney Princess, Marry a prince and live happily ever after.. Well Now That Im older reality has kicked in and I knew that that would not be possible. After I realized that I got to thinking and I want to become an ER Nurse. My dad and step mom are EMT's and I think that that had a big part in it . Just the excitement and thrill of getting a call excites me and I show a big interest in it. I am currently doing a work to school program for EMS so by the time I am 16 I should have at least my Basic Licence . All Of My family is supportive of this and I am excited to see what the future has in hold for me.

Food .

I Like To Eat.. I Mean Who Doesn't (: Even though I like to eat I have to be cautious of what I eat Due to my allergies. I am allergic to garlic and Cinnamon . I Still love Italian food but I just have to be really aware of the ingredients in the food that I eat. I dont eat red meat or Pork, I only eat Chicken And Turkey . This started I guess when I was 6 or 7 ever since that age I never really like the smell of the meat when its cooking or the taste of it for that matter . Id rather have fresh vegetables then the vegetables in the bags and cans I think they taste better. My Family eats rally healthy and I guess that Is where I have got it from .