Herndon Happenings

September 25, 2020


This newsletter will be used to give additional information and resources to parents, students, and families of Herndon Magnet School. It will allow us to share more information with everyone than can be contained in the weekly JCall from Mr. Thomas and be easy to reference throughout the week or whenever you have questions.

Please help share this information with parents of Herndon students so we are getting the word out to all of our families.

Make-Up Work Opportunity

We understand that learning Canvas has been a challenge for teachers, students, and parents. We also understand that many parents are working all day while their middle school students are home by themselves and then spending hours some nights checking to see if all the assignments were submitted. We further acknowledge that teachers are working many extra hours in the evenings and weekends grading, responding to emails, uploading lessons, and lesson planning as they are doing two full time jobs - classroom teacher and virtual classroom teacher. We are appreciative of the work that everyone is doing trying to ensure that maximum learning is taking place during this new way of "doing school". Therefore, Herndon will offer students the opportunity to make up any missing assignments from the first four weeks of school.

All assignments given from August 24 - September 18 will be open in Canvas for students to complete and submit no later than midnight on Thursday, October 1, 2020. Teachers will have until Friday, October 16 to update grades for these assignments in JCampus.

This is a one time, school wide opportunity for all students. As middle school students are returning to four days a week beginning October 5 and we all have a much better understanding of Canvas than we did on August 24, ALL students (traditional, A/B hybrid, 4 day traditional with 1 day virtual, and full virtual) will be held to due dates for all assignments given beginning 9/21/2020.

The midnight, October 1, 2020 deadline will not be extended. Please don't wait until Thursday to try and submit your make-up work in case you have technical difficulties.

Virtual Back-to-School Night

Thank you to all the parents and students that participated in Mr. Thomas' live Zoom address on Tuesday night. All teachers and administrators have recorded back to school night videos for parents. These videos are very informative and hopefully everyone has or will watch their child's teachers' videos to learn more about the teacher and what takes place daily in the classroom. You can find the links to the videos here.

If you have questions about grades, attendance, behavior, Zoom meetings, assignments, etc... please contact the teacher first. Give the teacher a chance to respond and answer your questions and concerns. If you want to schedule a parent teacher conference, contact the counselor.

Kellie Carlisle - kmcarlisle@caddoschools.org

Kioki Ross - ksross@caddoschools.org

Reminder from Mr. Thomas

Thank you to everyone who watched the Virtual Back-To-School Night yesterday. The videos are available at herndonmagnetschool.com. Please visit the recording of my Zoom meeting so that you can hear vital information. I would like to restate something that I said last night: Two of the bullets from the Caddo Parish Elementary and Middle School Contracts that you signed say that the Parent/Guardian will: “Serve as a role model by following all school rules and regulations” and “Support the teacher’s efforts in the classroom by modeling a positive attitude toward the school and a respect for school personnel.” Making disparaging remarks on Social Media about school personnel or the school, or putting negative comments about Herndon or the faculty/staff on social media is not fulfilling the Contract Agreement.

CANVAS and Chromebook Help

Each week our students, teachers, and parents are learning more about maneuvering through Canvas and using our new learning management system. Third through eighth grade teachers are beginning to organize their Canvas pages and assignments in modules by week. Students will click on modules and then see weekly labels with daily labels and assignments underneath. We believe that having all teachers organize their pages in the same way will help students and parents better navigate Canvas and ensure they are able to find all assignments.

Here are some helpful links and videos for some of the more common questions and errors that we are seeing:

What do I do if...

  • I can't upload an assignment? Take a screen shot of the error and email the teacher within the Canvas app or send them a message via their preferred method of contact (DOJO or Remind), immediately.
  • I can't get into a Zoom meeting? (1) Always try to log into the meeting 5 minutes early so you can correct the problem before the meeting starts. (2) Log out and log back in. (3) Take a screen shot or picture of the error/screen and email or message the teacher immediately. Don't wait until 2PM to send a message that says, "I couldn't get into your meeting at 9AM this morning." It's too late to correct the problem.
  • I can't load a test in Illuminate? (1) Clear your cache (directions above) (2) make sure the student is logged into the device, then class link, then Illuminate. (3) Take a screen shot or picture of the error and email/message the teacher immediately.
  • I can't make things work? (1) Try all the above options - clear cache, shut down and restart, update Chrome, log-in correctly, etc... (2) screen shot or take a pic of the error and email/message the teacher.

Communication is key. Please be mindful of the time when emailing or messaging teachers. Teachers cannot respond to emails or messages while they are teaching their in class students. Additionally, teachers are not expected to respond to messages in the evenings, middle of the night, or on weekends. You may not receive a response until the teacher's next planning period.

CANVAS Resources:

Canvas Video Overview

Canvas Student Guide

Canvas Android Guide

Canvas iOS Guide

If you can't find an answer after reviewing the help guides, you can call the Caddo Canvas help desk for parent and students at 318-295-0440 between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday and speak to a technician directly.

Students can also complete an electronic ticket through the Virtual Help Desk.

If you need general technical support, you can call 318-603-5489 between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday.

Virtual and Hybrid Attendance

  • Daily attendance is required for all students - virtual, hybrid, and traditional.
  • Virtual and hybrid attendance is taken by the homeroom teacher via the Canvas app.
  • Students must log into ClassLink, click on the Canvas app, and participate in their homeroom class by 8 AM each day for virtual and at home days for hybrid.
  • In order for homeroom teachers to see student's activity, students must click on their homeroom course in their dashboard and then click on modules/assignments/buttons within the homeroom course.
  • If you do not log into your homeroom class by 8:05, you will be marked absent. If you log in later, your absence will be changed to a check-in at the time you logged into your homeroom course.
  • Attendance is compulsory in Louisiana for all students - virtual, hybrid, and traditional.


Grades are being entered and calculated in JCampus. Parents have access to student grades via the Parent Portal. If grades are present in Canvas, they are simply a grade for that particular assignment and NOT the current, overall, accurate course grade. The official grade for each subject is the grade entered in JCampus.

Progress Reports are now available in Student Progress Portal. If you have trouble creating or resetting your account, please call 221-7676 and Mrs. Sparaco can help you.

Jean/Spirit Day vs. Free Dress Day

Students must wear their uniform unless a jean or free dress day is announced.

  • Jean days mean students can wear denim pants, shorts, or skirts (no more than 4" above the knee) without holes showing skin with a uniform or Herndon shirt.
  • Free dress days are ONLY on the last school day before a school holiday. Last year we had free dress every Friday as a reward for the previous year's test scores.

Middle School Chromebooks and Personal Devices

  • Hybrid students must bring their device to school every day. Even when we return to 5 days a week on campus instruction, we will still use Canvas daily and students will be required to bring their devices daily.
  • ALL devices need to have 100% charge EVERY day when students arrive at school. Most of our classrooms only have 2 or 3 outlets in the room making it impossible for students to be able to charge their devices.

LIVE Lesson Schedule for Middle School

All middle school ELA, math, science, and SS classes will have LIVE lessons each Friday except September 11 and October 9). Teachers will schedule meetings within the time windows below (the meetings may start at any time within the window and will last different lengths). These meetings may be Zoom, Google Meets, Canvas Conferences, or some other format. Teachers will provide individual instructions in their Canvas Classrooms. Each week may be different, so make sure you are reading your weekly announcements.

ELA - 8:15 - 9:05 AM - Harrell, Rice, Miller, Barr

Math - 9:15 - 10:05 - Allen, Corbell, Wiley, Dickerson

Science - 12:15 - 1:05 - Woodell, Jennings (6th & 7th @ 12:15, 8th @ 12:40)

Social Studies - 1:15 - 2:05 - Boddie, Murphy (6th & 7th @ 1:15, 8th @ 1:40)

ALL 7th Grade Students will receive a Life Skills handbook during PE. Virtual students will pick up the handbook with their other texts this Friday, September 4. You will have LIVE Life Skills Lessons at 10:15 on the following Fridays: September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, and December 4. This is required and part of your PE grade.