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World Location

The Savanna is located in Africa, South America, India, and Australia. Tropical grassland in Africa between latitude 15º north and 30º south.


  • Temperature Patterns: Stays around 70°F

  • Precipitation Patterns: The Savanna biome has a wet/dry climate.


Cracking clay, Red/yellow earth, deep sand, and porous soil.


  • Adaptations to Environment:
- Animals

-Plants (ex: baobab tree,"has adapted to the savanna biome by only producing leaves during the wet season" and star grass)

- Dry Savannas trees only grow inches tall

-Human Savannas trees grow several feet tall

-Wet Savannas grasses may grow up to 10ft higher or more (ex:acacias and palm trees)

-Soil conditions favor the growth the grasses


  • Adaptations to Environment: Cheetahs, Hyena, Mouse, Grasshopper, Topi, and Termites.
These animals have adapted to their environment because of their genes and sources.

Human Impacts

Humans have been trying to conserve and protect the natural resources that are in the Savanna.

Interesting Facts

  • Ancestors of apes and humans lived in the African Savanna.
  • The biggest bird in the world (Ostrich) lives in the Savanna it grows up to 9ft tall and weighs about 250lbs.
  • Parts of Savanna are being farmed and people of the Savanna are being crowded into small areas to sustain them.
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