Pep Club

"Always have a little pep in your step"


Our club advisor sometimes assigns people to become the leaders of the club for that day. Nine times out of ten the person will let the authority get to there head and they'll try to boss everyone around and tell them what to do (Zimbardo). In Pep Club we are usually assigned a certain place to sit during sporting events at our school. My group of friends in the Pep Club do not always like to sit with them so have a sense of conformity and we just sit with them anyways (Asch). Whenever our club advisor needs help with something sometimes certain people in the club will not do as she says, so our principle has to intervene and when he comes they show their obedience and do as they are told (Milgram).



Pep Club is a huge part of Northern Nash's school spirit. We try our best to keep the fans on their feet and they team hype. During a football game at our school someone in the bleachers threw a piece of candy at someone and blamed it on the Pep Club. But it was not a member of the Pep Club. They never found out who it was. This was a fundamental attribution error since it was not a kid in the Pep Club and the lady over exaggerated the story. The Pep Club enjoys cheering for the football team. At Northern Nash football is our pass time, everyone comes out to the games. Many of the players have self-serving bias. If they lose they try to pin it on one person instead of blaming it on themselves along with the whole team. As a whole the Pep Club collaborates on decisions within the club. We have groupthink which is when we are always thinking about the group itself and how it can benefit as a whole. Pep Club cheers for all the sports, even gold matches. We cannot cheer since golf is considered a quiet sport but we are supposed to be there for support. At first the group was really excited until we went to our first gold match. Group polarization occurred because at first we were very excited but then we saw how boring it was.