A place in the sun

Come to Australia.

Australia: Is the sunniest country, with the largest most beautiful beaches and reefs, full of friendly people, love and the Southern Cross, only seen in the southern hemisphere. Come to Australia for a better life than old England. If you're 20 to 30 years old and are looking for a new life... well why not try Australia?


With a whole lot of room, Australia is the best place for a new life and with a variety of animals from Koalas to Kangaroos, the exploration never stops. Rite now Australia is in the stages of populate or perish, after the war Australia has realized she is vulnerable to other countries trying to take over her. She needs more people to defend her.


Contact us at Britain travel services just on the right of Blackthorn road. If we are to far away, call us on 29 011 396.