The Ice Ind Holiday Celebration

Come and celebrate the holiday for the Iowa Ice Industry!

The celebration will be here soon!

Ice was harvested from rivers and lakes. Ice was stored in the Ice House until summer. The ice was delivered in the summers to people doors by the ice wagon. That is some information about the Iowan history of the Ice Industry. The reason we are celebrating it is because it was something that helped Iowans before the invention of refrigerators. We will have games, trivia, and arts and crafts. The reason this holiday exists is because it was very important for Iowans to have an Ice industry because they didn't have refrigerators at the time. We will have some ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen bananas, and even some hot chocolate and we will have even more! We will have ice sculpture making, ice making, and even cutting ice into blocks like the people in the Ice Industry did!

Ice Industry holiday celebration

Wednesday, Jan. 13th 2016 at 11am

Mississippi River Iowa

We will have lots of fun and lots to learn about this Ice Industry!


11am-12pm: Arriving and gathering

12pm-1230pm: Trivia and Information

1230pm-130pm: Activities

130pm-3pm: Eat and Interact

3pm-6pm: Activities and Games