Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

Natural resources

What is renewable and non-renewable?

A renewable resource is something you can get more of, something you wont run out of. For example: Solar energy, Water, trees, etc. A Non-renewable resource is a resource that when its gone it's gone. For example: Oil.

Non-renewable resources

Our country revolves around many non renewable resources. One of the number one non renewable resource we use quite a lot of is oil. We use if for energy. As you know non renewable means they will be gone eventually and at the rate we use oil it may be gone sooner than you'd think. People now waste energy and waste non-renewable resources and what will happen to us and our economy when these non-renewable resources are gone?

If you find ways to save Non-renewable resources people from the future and our environment will thank you!!

Renewable resources

Renewable resources are things like water, trees, sunlight, etc. If you think about it we won't run out of the sun, water, or trees (if we continue to plant them when we cut them down). Those are things we don't need to worry about losing, so why not use those more often rather than using oil or other non-renewable resources? Its better for the environment and then it'll take longer to run our of those non-renewable resources