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About Me

You may see me as a normal boy. I am on the inside, but on the outside I am the devil in disguise. I especially like to be a dread to my litlle sister, Lucy. The snicker on my face grows every time I see her cry. Do you want to know what I thinl of the Queen of Narnia? I believe that all of the Narnians that talk like there tongue is dirty about of the Quenn are just her no-good enemies. Nobody on Ear..I mean nobody on Earth or Narnia can tell me not. Narnia can look up to me when I am prince.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas did not give me a gift because i've been a bad boy in Narnia. It's really rare for Father Christmas to come into Narnia because of all the Witch\Queen's schemes. I am really disappointed that I didn't get a gift though. Then I found out that all he gave were tools. I guess that I didn't care as much after I found out. Have you ever felt that feeling when your friends get something but you don't? That's what I feel like. I am most jealous of Peter's gift ( a sword and shield.) Next, I would like to have Susan's gift ( bow and arrow and a horn if in trouble.) Sadly, poor Lucy got what I would like least ( a small dagger.) I shouldn't call Lucy poor or say sadly considering I didn't get anything. If I were to get something though, I would get a machine gun ( I would use it to win the war.)

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Aslan's Name

There has been a rumor that the rightful king of Narnia, A-A-Aslan, is in the kingdom. Aslan is said to have a mighty roar, mighty enough that when he roars Spring comes. The Queen of Narnia looked like she was struck with lightning when she heard that Aslan was in, well, this odd world of Narnia. But when I hear Aslan's name I feel a sensation of mysterious horror. I felt a sigh of relief when I thought I saw Aslan in a stone covering. Thought. I too felt like I was struck by lightning when I heard the Queen didn't know that Aslan is in Narnia, meaning that stone is not Aslan.

Favorite quote

My favorite quote is stated by C.S.Lewis. "It was not suprising that when they found Lucy, deal later, everyone could see that she has been crying." Oh I love that quote. You know, if a whole book was just that I would read it. I would love if the made a movie of that book more than Turkish Delight.

Favorite Website

If I were to have a favorite website it would be a prank website. It would have good ideas for pranks that I could pull of on my siblings. Here's a look: Funny Pranks - Pranks - Practical Jokes - Jokes4us.com

Tips On Being Mean

1. Try not to think bullying kids younger than you is not ok
2. Don't be a gentlemen to girls, because of me Lucy learned how to swim in tears
3. Don't eat waffles
4. Grown ups are no big problem

If none of these worked and you are in trouble here is a picture of cats doing wierd things: