Biomolecule Poster: Lipids

Srujay Korlakunta and Sangyoon Kim 7th Period

Monomers and Polymers

The monomers are of fatty Acids and glycerol. The two "monomers" form to make lipids, and in this case, they are triglycerides.

Examples of Biomolecules

There are unsaturated and saturated fats. There also blood lipids. These act as a storage for food in animals.

Functional Groups

There is no lipid that always has the same functional groups. Though, there are usually hydroxyl groups or carboxyl groups in order to make it more reactive.

Common Functions of Lipids

These are used as waxes, oils, and fats. They are also used as steroids as chemical messengers. They also store energy.

How does its structure allow for its function?

The structure allows for many bonds that can be used for energy.