Death Valley National Park

By: Katelyn Guynn

Don’t be fooled by Death Valley’s name, it is an amazing park. Death Valley has so much to offer and more. Death Valley is a great park! (Credit for picture: National Park caption: hiking at Death Valley).

Although during this year, 2015, National Park Service says that there has been a drought (a dearth of water) Death Valley can still be fun to visit. The weather during the day is usually hot and dry. At night Death Valley is usually very cold. During the summer Death Valley is usually around 120 Fahrenheit during the day and in the 90s at night. Biking, a fun activity, is one of the many activities at Death Valley National Park. You can just go plain old biking or mountain biking. Death Valley is very mountainous. These are some things to know about Death Valley before you visit.

In 1933, Death Valley became a national land monument. In 1994, Death Valley became a National Park. Death Valley is found in the east part of California. Death Valley has 3 million acres and would an odyssey to have to walk everywhere. It is a very commodious park. Death Valley got its name from a group of pioneers. They think a group of people died there and it might be where they are buried. These are some interesting facts about Death Valley. (Picture Credit from National Park Service; Caption: a map of Death Valley National Park).

At Death Valley they have pupfish which are very rare. The pupfish are kept in a cave cut filled with water on part of a hill. Devils Hole is what it is called. There are 35 pupfish in Devils Hole. The water in Devils Hole is 93 degrees. Death Valley has many types of animals like amphibians, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals, and butterflies. Death Valley also has many plants like such as wild flowers and cacti. These are some of the many things Death Valley has to offer.