April Issue 2021

Coordinator's Corner

Spring is in the air? April (especially post-Spring Break) is a chance to reference a shift in the weather but Mother Nature clearly has a different agenda. That agenda has many of us stuck indoors for another week or so as we anxiously await spring/summer weather to arrive on a more permanent basis. As mentioned earlier this year, I am a firm believer that setbacks always provide opportunity. Since outdoor activities for me, personally, are on hold, I continue to read books for personal and professional growth. I recently read The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan and aim to apply so many elements of the book to my life. While aspects of the book will benefit me as a leader, small business owner, and father, it became very obvious how this text would benefit our students. Conversations with our students affirm the reality that they are attempting to balance WAY too many items on their plate, and there are societal expectations that they are superstars in the areas of those items.

"Until my one thing is done, everything else is a distraction." - Gary W. Keller

How can we help students acknowledge their "one thing"? How can we help them transition to a "Success List" rather than a "To-Do List"? At MNCAPS, we have started with awareness with our students. Awareness that you cannot be great at the laundry list of items individuals are attempting to balance. BUT, you can be great at the items that you value the most and provide you with the most fulfillment. And when done so, real success will be experienced!

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MNCAPS Mentor Moment - Living Your Values

Discussion Questions: April

1. What role have your values played in the career choices you’ve made?

2. What are you most proud of in your career and life?

3. What compromises have you had to make with your values?

4. If you had gone down another career path what would it have been and why?

5. Beyond being a mentor, what kinds of community involvement activities have you been involved in?

MNCAPS Student Project Team visits La ola del lago at Grainwood

A student project team from our Design + Marketing and Marketing Analytics Pathways visited La ola del lago at Grainwood to discuss marketing strategies for the newer school program in the Prior Lake-Savage Area School district. Their research on key qualities families look for in an alternative learning option for their students was discussed. Our students pulled from their past MNCAPS projects and will work with La ola del lago and the project sponsor, Maureen Byers, to research and develop strategies to refresh their educational branding.

Education Guest Instructor - Rojin Urrutia

Grateful to PLHS SPED teacher Rojin Urrutia for visiting with and presenting to our Education Pathway students!

Foundations of Business Guest Instructor - Paris Rosen

Thank you to Paris Rosen of @thebrickovenbus for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with Foundations of Business students about finding one’s passion and navigating the world of entrepreneurship.

Virtual Job Fair hosted by Cargill

Foundations of Business students participated in a virtual job fair hosted by Cargill. In addition to full-group sessions with keynote speakers, students participated in breakout sessions in several areas. There, students had opportunities to speak directly to Cargill professionals in several areas and learn more about various careers as well practical takeaways they can use right now as students.

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2021-2022 Student and Parent Orientation:

Tuesday, May 18th, 6-7pm

This is an online event.

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