"The Fox and the Squirrel"

Once upon a time there was a fox and a squirrel. The squirrel was hard at work. He was stocking up nuts in his tree to get through the harsh winter that was coming up soon. While the squirrel was hard at work, the fox was playing around on this beautiful fall day. The fox asked, "Why don't we play or do something fun like racing up trees?" "I can't because I have to prepare for winter with food to survive," replied the squirrel. Soon days and weeks went by and winter was here. Now, while the squirrel is nice and cozy in his tree, the fox was struggling to survive through the winter. The squirrel was nice enough to supply the fox with food to survive. Finally, the squirrel said, "To survive, you must be prepared."


You should think before you act. You should also be prepared. Hard work will always pay off later.