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Sunday, November 14, 2021 Edition

Happy Sunday Ramirez Families!

"Why" Kindness

Thank you again for gathering in this space! The holiday season would be incomplete if we did not include reflection on kindness. At Ramirez, we spend time thinking about , sharing, and refining our "why's." Understanding our motivation for how we live our lives and do what we do is not just important, it is necessary to a life lived "on purpose." I invite you to watch the brief video below as children share their "why's" on kindness. Then please read the article on our PACK Pride value "Kindness."

Have a week filled with kindness given and kindness received!

~Mrs. Douglas

Why Be Kind?
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PACK Pride

Proactive Accountability Community Kindness


Kindness: helping and caring for each other without expecting anything in return. Through our PACK Pride framework, students learn to practice kindness. There are different ways to be kind. One way is to open your eyes and be active when you see others in need. It is important to notice that kindness is different from "nice." While nice is being agreeable and pleasant, it is subject to change based on our emotional or mental space. Nice is based on what feels right in the moment. Kindness is intentional and comes from a place of compassion, empathy, and benevolence. It is practiced whether we feel like it or not, whether we feel good about something or not because it is other-centered. It is anchored in our shared humanity, not our differences and has the power to change lives. It is a mindset and often involves a perspective shift. Kindness has the potential to positively impact our Eastvale community, our Ramirez community, our families, and each of us personally.

How do we support the home and school connection in promoting kindness? Talk to your child about kindness and PACK Pride. Parents and caregivers are the first and primary models of kindness for their children The holidays are a great time to get involved in a family kindness project. Faith communities are often sponsoring toy and food drives and shelters are serving hot meals to the homeless. As a family you can share compassion with others who are in need. More than just writing a check, decide to donate your time and involve your child in the experience. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to a local shelter, invite a lonely neighbor to your holiday meal, sponsor a family for Christmas, send a a military care package; there are an assortment of ways to demonstrate kindness. When your child sees you demonstrate kindness, they internalize the experience. Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving!

Empowering our students includes teaching them to be kind and compassionate global citizens who "pay it forward" when it does not benefit them to do so. In that way they are creating a legacy that positively impacts their lives as well as the lives of other. Kindness invites Kindness and multiplies kindness!

Inspire Kindness

100 Random Acts of Kindness

21 Acts of Kindness you can do from Home

Soldiers Angels Care Packages

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Lockdown Drill

We would like to inform our Ramirez families that we will be having a School wide lock down drill on Wednesday, November 17 at 9:15 am. Student safety is a top priority and we ask families not to pick up their child at this time to allow us to practice the entire drill.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Student Concerns

Our WEB students have put a together messages to address some concerns they notice happening on campus. Parents and caregivers we ask that you discuss these with your child. These concerns are base don our PACK Pride Expectations.

Dear Students,

Please walk in the halls. We want everyone to feel safe and our staff will be monitoring any unsafe behavior, such as running in the hallways. Running with many people around can be dangerous and we want to take care of our Wolf Pack Community. If any of the teachers or staff catch you running in the hallways, you will be given a referral. Please remember to follow the PACK expectations and keep our community safe.


Dear Parents and Students,

It has occurred to us that backpack pulling has made its way to us school. We need your help to stop backpack pulling here at Ramirez. It is not kind, and it can cause safety issues and harm students so please help stop backpack pulling and keep your hands to yourself here on campus.

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Ramirez Lipsync Battle

Calling all Wolves! We want to see your lip-syncing talents!! Showcase your lip-syncing and dancing skills in our inaugural Virtual Lip Sync Battle! It's easy! Pick your favorite (school appropriate!) song, choreograph some dance moves, make a quick 30-60 second video and submit it to us! You can perform by yourself or with a group of friends. Our Ramirez Wolfpack will watch the submissions and vote for the Lip Sync Battle champions on December 16th! For more information, join the Lip Sync Battle Google Classroom ASAP - here's the code: f3yvbsc If you have any questions, stop by D12. Deadline for submission is 4:00 p.m. on November 30th.

Sincerely, ‚Äč

Marcy Brasher

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Holiday Toy Giveaway

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Career Technical TEducation

At Corona-Norco Unified School District, we have Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways for our students to be best prepared for their future. It's never too early to ask yourself how you want to make a difference in this world! Career Technical Education provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.

November: Healthcare

English: https://fb.watch/995KQyzAeA/

Spanish: https://fb.watch/995Ms_kQ8f/

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PTSA Corner

The Ramirez PTSA support goes directly to our students! If you have not joined, please take the time to join TODAY! Scan the QR code or follow the link to make your $10 donation. You may also purchase membership for other family members. Thank you!

Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School PTSA

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Dates to Remember

Thanksgiving Break: November 22-26 (No School)

Minimum Day: December 16 (students are released at 11:19 am)

Winter Break: December 17-January 7 (No School)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 17 (No School)

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Covid 19 Absences


Please click the link for School Safety Updates.
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Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School

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