3rd Grade Happenings


If time flies when you are having fun, we must be having a riotous ball! The first quarter officially ended on Friday, Nov. 8th, and we are just beginning our second quarter. Report cards are scheduled to be sent home on November 22. Conferences are scheduled for the last week of November. We will be meeting parents on Tuesday, November 26th and Wednesday, November 27th. I look forward to seeing you !

November 28th - No School, Thanksgiving

November 29th - No School, Thanksgiving break


Unit 4 is all about multiplication. Students will be learning and practicing multiplication facts daily throughout this unit.

Just a reminder that all addition and subtraction facts should be automatic at this point. That means that students should have instant recall, without fingers, numbergrids or manipulatives. The district defines automaticity as knowing the answer within 3 seconds. Many students have not met this standard. To help, I am allowing students to get onto Xtra math at school a few times a week. Please continue to have them practice with flashcards and games at least 5 min each night. I get a printout of students who use Xtramath.com and EverydayMath.com from home weekly.


We have two more stories in our series before our theme test. Our focus skills include main idea and details, singular and plural nouns and using a thesaurus, dictionary, atlas and encyclopedia. Students will be asked to find the main idea of a passage that they read independently, differentiate and define singular and plural nouns, and understand when to use a thesaurus, dictionary, atlas or encyclopedia.

Social Studies Project

We will be starting a Community Workers Project in school. Most of the work should be completed in the classroom. Students will be working in partners to research and create a report on a selected community worker. This will culminate our Communities unit for Social Studies.

After Thanksgiving break, we will begin our first Science unit. We will delve into natural resources- land, air and water.