Who Should Be Allowed To Marry?

Adrianna Smothermon, March 31, 2014


Ten years ago, there was only one state that had same-sex marriage legalized; Massachusetts. Since 2003 seventeen states plus the District of Columbia legalized same-sex marriage as well. In 2012, President Obama announced that he "changed his mind" and now supports same-sex marriage. A recent New York Times/ CBS News found that 56% of Americans now favor the legalization of same-sex marriage. When only in 1996 a survey showed only 27% of Americans favored same-sex marriage. A Gallup poll also shows that 73% of teens from the ages 18-29 year-olds support same-sex marriage.
Just 10 years ago, the only state that had legalized marriage was Massachusetts.
Seventeen states and the District of Columbia has had same-sex marriage since 2003.
Even with same-sex marriage legalized, many ministers refuse to marry same-sex genders because of their religion.
Jason Collins of the New York Jets became the first openly gay NBA player.
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How Will This Article Help You In The Real World?

Many people in the world are afraid to admit to being who they are based on what others will think of them. Not only will this harm you, but it will also harm others as well. You should accept who you are and live your life with no regrets. You can miss so many opportunities because you're afraid of admitting to yourself. Before you can love anyone, or anything, you have to love yourself first; and you start that by being honest with yourself. I have a brother who is gay, and I want him to have the same way that I am treated. If I can marry whoever I want in the world, why shouldn't he? If I can love whom ever I want, shouldn't he be able to love whom ever he wants? Our government can legalize laws as much as they want, but it will not change anything. People will still be discriminated based on their race, religious views, and sexuality. Our generation needs to realize that change doesn't start with the government, it starts with our society and us as citizens.

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