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Feburary 27th - March 3rd

What's Happening this Week?

Monday, Feb 27th

Clubs at lunch!

Tuesday, Feb 28th

Clubs at lunch!

H.S. Counselors at Marsh-Presentations

Wednesday, March 1st!

Clubs at lunch!

Soccer Evaluations! 3pm on the field! See flyer below for more details

Scoliosis Screening - In PE Classes

Thursday, Mar 2nd

Clubs at lunch!

Soccer Evaluations! 3pm on the field!

Friday, Mar 3rd

Clubs at lunch!

Soccer Evaluations! 3pm on the field!

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Healthy Kids Survey


Just a reminder ... the California Department of Education (CDE) is conducting a survey to help promote better health and well-being among our youth, improve the school learning environment, and combat problems such as drug abuse and violence. Your student does NOT have to take the survey. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.

Students in sixth grade will bring home a permission slip asking for parent permission to participate in the CA Healthy Kids Survey. Sixth-graders must return a signed permission slip.

Students in 7th - 12th will automatically participate in either the CA Healthy Kids Survey (Grades 7th, 9th and 11th) or the California Youth Tobacco Survey (Grades 8th, 10th and 12th) unless a parent provides an opt-out form.

Students in 6th grade will be administered the survey within the week of February 27th - March 3rd .

Students in 7th grade will be administered the survey within the week of March 6th - March 10th .

CHKS information:

Marsh Leadership Giving Back

Thank you Marsh Leadership for giving back to your school community! The Marsh Leadership works hard every week making sure our campus shines for their fellow Gators. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, thank you!
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Club Live Spreading Positivity on Campus

Club live was out at lunch this last week spreading positivity through their "It Starts With Me" activity. Club Live leaders lead an activity where Marsh students could write positive inspirational messages which then hung on a poster they created. Students enjoyed reading and creating all the positive messages our Gators created.
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Upcoming Marsh PTSO Meeting!

March 8th is our next 8th-grade planning committee meeting at Farmers Brewery at 6 pm! The planning is looking amazing! Come hear all the details for our "Old Hollywood" theme dance that is scheduled for May 19th!!!

See's candy fundraiser is live!! Click the link to have delicious chocolate sent right to you!! d_party42/Jac_Chr9265/candy

As always PTSO couldn't be who we are without parental support! We appreciate you every day!!!

PTSO Sees Candy Fundraiser

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SOCCER EVALUATIONS! Wednesday through friday!

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Interested in Joining Marsh Soccer - Fill out the forms here

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Upcoming Local Event! BIG TIME!

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Nominate a Marsh Tireless Teacher

Congrats Mr King and Ms Lopez!

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Marsh 8th Grade Celebration Dance

Marsh Junior High School 8th Grade Parents,

The Marsh PTSO needs your help. PTSO is starting to plan for the 8th Grade Celebration Dance. This dance is dedicated to all 8th graders, celebrating the success of our promoting class.

In order to ensure that all promoting 8th graders are able to attend this special dance, PTSO raises funds. These generous donations help cover the cost of entrance for all 8th graders, decorations, supervision, DJ expenses, and gifts for the 8th grade class. PTSO is asking that all 8th grade families consider donating $10- $20 to help support these costs. If you are unable to financially support, please consider signing up to chaperone the dance, or help with setup and clean up of the dance.

PTSO values your dedication and generous donations in support of our amazing 8th grade class!

  • Coming soon… sign up genius link to sign up to chaperone, set up and clean up of the dance.

  • Financial donations can be dropped off in the MJHS Main office in an envelope address MJHS PTSO - 8TH GRADE DANCE.

  • Would you like to be a part of the planning? Join us for the first MJHS 8th Grade Celebration Planning Meeting: February 8th at 6PM - Farmers Brewery

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PBIS Lesson - Electronics

Cell phones and ear buds continue to be an issue around campus. Starting this week, if a cell phone or ear buds are out, please confiscate them and turn it in to attendance. The student will be able to pick it up at the end of the day. However, they will be assigned an automatic lunch detention and receive contact home… even on the first offense. If they become repeat offenders we will work with the family to either have the student leave the device at home, or check it in in the main office each day. Students will also lose out on fun activities such as dances, games, etc.

In Summary:

  1. Cell phones and ear buds are only allowed out before and after school
  2. When the starting bell rings they MUST be turned OFF and in put away in your backpack
  3. Phones and ear buds are to stay in your backpack for the entire day
  4. Consequences:
    1. If you are caught with your cell phone or ear bud out it will be confiscated and turned into Ms. Maddy in the office
    2. You will automatically be assigned lunch detention
    3. Your parent will be notified
    4. Detention and parent contact will happen, even on your first offense. Everyone has a clean slat to start the semester.
    5. Electronic violations will directly impact your citizenship grade
    6. Students can pick their phone up at the end of the day, along with their detention slip.

  1. Chromebooks:
    1. Bring your CHARGED chromebook to school everyday
    2. Do no walk around with your chromebook out, it should be in your backpack during passing period.

Marsh Junior High School PBIS

The California PBIS Coalition recognized Marsh Junior High School as a Bronze PBIS recipient for our implementation of Positive Behavior Implementation and Supports.

Attendance Matters at Marsh

Missing school can have many lasting affects on students. These include missing out on learning, negative affects on grades, and even hurting a student's chance to promote to the next grade level. At Marsh we care about each and every Gator and miss them when they are not at school. Please check out this informational presentation about how we as a team can overcome attendance barriers and help our students find success!

Addressing Disrespect on Campus

Marsh Jr. High cares deeply about the school culture we create. In an effort to get a "pulse" on the campus we send out student surveys around academics, Social emotional wellbeing, and behaviors during the student's advisory period.

Based upon the last student survey disrespect was one of the major issues on campus. To address this our amazing counseling team with the support of some of our Marsh Gators made a personal message to our Marsh students about respect on campus. ALL teachers showed this video in their advisement classes on Monday, December 5th following the Gator News.

In addition, administration has created a message that will be shared with students any time they have a sub in class. We realize that often the level of disrespectful behaviors increase when the teacher is out of the classroom. This is our attempt to set a clear expectation for our students in the teacher's absence.

Please be sure to have conversations about these expectations with your Gator. As always, we appreciate your support.


Mrs. Kamph

High School Sporting Event Information

Please Note: Middle school students need to bring their student ID to any High School event and if they are an unaccompanied minor, their entry price will be $15.
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Marsh Library - Open 7:30 - 4:00

Is your Gator looking for a place to do homework before or after school? Have them stop by the Marsh library for a quiet place to work before or after school. The library opens at 7:30 AM and closes daily at 4:00 PM.
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IXL Student Support

Welcome to IXL! IXL is personalized learning that helps students excel! It features a comprehensive, standards based curriculum, a real-time diagnostic, that tailors lesson to each student's skills.

Students should invest 45 - 60 minutes a day in each subject - Math and English.

IXL Parent Guide: What to know if your child is using IXL at school
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IXL Leaderboard

Way to go Marsh Gators! You are doing an amazing job in IXL.

Check out this week's leader board. These students will be given a VIP pass to the IXL pizza party hosted at the end of the month. Keep up the Great work Gators! We hope to see your name on the leaderboard soon!!

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Did you know that Marsh is an AVID School site?

What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an in-school academic support program for grades seven through twelve. The purpose of the program is to prepare students for college eligibility and success.

AVID Elective

The core component is the AVID Elective, which supports students as they tackle the most rigorous classes. For one period a day, AVID students learn: organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and asking probing questions, get academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college seem attainable.

Furthermore, AVID students become academically successful leaders and role models for other students.

AVID Schoolwide

The AVID instructional program focuses on methodologies that will help students prepare for - and participate in - a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. These methodologies are referred to as WICOR:

W - Writing. Students clarify and communicate their thoughts and understanding of material.

I - Inquiry. Students ask questions which allow them to clarify, analyze, and synthesize material.

C - Collaboration. Students challenge, help, and learn from one another.

O - Organization. Students learn how to organize, retrieve and maintain their materials and data.

R - Reading. Students analyze, question, critique, clarify, and comprehend material.

All of our Marsh Teachers have been trained in AVID WICOR instructional strategies and implement this methodology in the core class setting.

Take a moment to check out more about AVID on our Marsh Website.

AVID WICOR Spotlight

This week AVID WICOR spotlight is on Ms. Rosander's 6th Grade English Class. This week students were studying Greek Mythology. In order to help them better understand the meaning of vocabulary words deriving from Greek Mythology students took part in a Sketch and Tell activity. students were assigned a vocabulary word and were tasked to find two definition, write a sentence, find 5 synonyms for the word, and then find a picture that met the discretion. Following the activity, students then present their finding aloud to the class. Way to go Gators, we are so proud of all you are learning!

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Classroom Spotlight

This week's classroom spotlight is on Mrs. Blaschke' s English class. This last week students were able to do a special Breakout EDU lessons put on by our library teachers Ms. Jones and Ms. Liz. In honor of Black History month, students learned about some of the contributions of famous black people in history. The were given clues and then asked to explore the Black Excellence website created by our librarians to learn more about these contributions. Students researched articles within the website to be able to solve the clues to the Breakout EDU.

Atta Gator Award

Check out last week's Atta Gator Award winners! The Atta Gator award is chosen by staff who nominate a student who showed excellency that week!

This week Nominations go out to:

Gator Greatness Award Winners

This week's Gator Greatness Award goes to the following students. These students continually demonstrate the Gator Way: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe. Way to go, we are so proud of you!!

Attendance Winners for the Week

The following students are our attendance winners for the week. These students had zero tardies and have 95% or better attendance rate!! Keep up the great work Gators!

Attendance Winners

Marwa Arifi

Wyatte Cervantes

Myles Fortune

Birthdays this week

Happy Birthday to these awesome gators this week! Make sure to wish them a happy birthday if you see them around campus!

This Week's Birthdays

Dawkins, Jeremia,2/27

Stephens, Michael P,2/27

McCune, Justin A 3/1

Kuhne, Jayson W,3/2

Nielsen, Anika A 3/2

Hackley, Scarlet E ,3/4

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Learn more about bike safety!

Bike Lanes
NHTSA's Bike Safe, Bike Smart
Where Should I Ride?
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Raising the Flag

Each day at Marsh Junior High School we have a student raise the American Flag. This is an honor for our Gators, and one of the highlights of the week. Our Gators take this patriotic duty very seriously, and have been trained on the significance of such an event.

Attention Parents, Library Loaners must not come home!

If your student brings a Chromebook like the one pictured here please remind them to return it to the library the next day!

Parents we need your help - Late Start Wednesdays

Parents we need your help on Wednesday mornings!

Did you know that the Marsh campus opens at 7:00 AM daily? We welcome students to come early, have a warm breakfast, visit the library and connect with friends on campus.

Please be advised that we do not have school supervision at the 7-11/Great Harvest area. ALL Marsh students who are frequenting this area should be accompanied by an adult. Please be advised that Chico PD will be monitoring behaviors.

Please keep in mind, that if a student is dropped off at the Marsh campus, they are NOT to leave. If a student does leave campus, it is considered a cut, and the student will be assigned Saturday School.

PTSO Meeting Calendar

Our Marsh PTSO will be meeting the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at Round Table Pizza on Forest Ave. at 5:30 PM. This is a great opportunity to learn about what is happening at Marsh and how PTSO can help to support our school. We would love to have you join our meetings.


Dec. 21

Jan. 18

Feb. 15

March 22

April 19

May 17

Find us on amazon smile!

The marsh PTSO is on Amazon smile! Support us by searching Marsh parent-teacher student staff organization on amazon smile! A portion of the funds from your purchase will go to help support our PTSO!

Get your Gator Swag!!

Are you looking to show off your Gator pride with a Marsh tee-shirt, hat, sweats, or water bottle? If so, check out our Gator store online or in person.

Marsh Online Store

Office Hours:

Monday 7:30 - 11:00

Tuesday: 7:30 - 3:15

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 7:30 - 3:15

Friday: CLOSED

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Attendance Matters at Marsh Junior High School

Students who attend school regularly and arrive on time do better academically and are more likely to establish work habits that help them succeed in life and work. You play a vital role by helping your child attend every school day possible.

Rules and Policies

There are multiple ways to report your child’s absence. The preferred way is to respond to the notification sent to you in ParentSquare. If you don’t have an account set up for ParentSquare, please click the following link for instructions on how to do so: . If you need instructions for how to report an absence on ParentSquare, please click the following link: You can also use the “Report a student absence” link on the Marsh homepage located on the right side, call (530) 895-4110 and press option 1, or email our Attendance & Counseling Staff whenever your child is absent.

Please provide the following information:

  • Child's Name
  • Date of the Absence
  • Reason for the Absence

All absences must be cleared within three school days or they will be considered unexcused. Thank you for your help.

It is very important that a parent or guardian notify the attendance office when a child is absent. When there is no verification within three (3) school days, the absences are considered unexcused and the student is truant. (ED Code 48260)

Tardy Policy: The school day begins at 8:20 Students arriving after the 8:20 tardy bell must come to the Attendance Office for a tardy slip.

Attendance Letters: Excused Absences: A letter to notify you of Excessive Absences will be sent after 7 absences. Doctor notes will be REQUESTED at this time but after 10 absences the Doctor note will be REQUIRED to excuse the absence.

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Club Offerings at Marsh

Clubs and Activities are a great way to get connected to Marsh!! Check out our Marsh Website for more information about what clubs and sports are offered at Marsh Jr.

Check out our Clubs and activities page for more information on clubs and after-school programs!

Licensed Therapist, Matt Reddam - Trauma101

Talking to Teens about Mental Health

Lunchtime Fun!!

Are you looking for something fun to do at lunch? Do you like games or sports? Would you like a place where you can hang out with friends? If so, check out these fun activities happening during the lunch period.

Games In the Library -

* Fuego, Uno, Battleship, scattegories, and much more!

Sports Activities - back courts

* Basketball, 4 square, volleyball, football

Meet the Counselors

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Lunchtime Fun

Students have many opportunities to stay connected and have fun during the lunch period at Marsh. Gators check out some of these activities next time you are at lunch.

Cube Club - Wednesday

Club Live -Tuesdays and Thursdays

Flag Football - back field

Basketball - basketball courts

4 Square - back courts

Volleyball - back courts

Board Games and Cards - library

Fun Friday; Spikeball cornhole, and music - WIFI area

Marsh School Culture: #Gatorpride

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Stay Informed and Connected

Marsh Junior High School Website

Get up to date information for Marsh Junior High School

MJHS Facebook

Join Marsh Junior High School Facebook

MJHS PTSO Facebook

Join the Marsh Junior High School PTSO Facembook Page

Make your voice heard! Join us for LCAP

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