The Sea's Nightmare

By: Audrey Calvert

What harm can one plastic bag do? A lot of harm, because of plastic bags tons of animals and aquatic life become ill, hurt, or die from plastic bags and other trash will do all of this harm to the animals and aquatic life in the ocean. What could we do to stop this? Reuse plastic bags maybe, but you could make a difference if we reuse and recycle more.

How many sea creatures ingest plastic? 86% of sea turtles will ingest plastic worldwide. Micro plastic can ingested very easily by sea creatures, but not really land animals. Plastic can lead to more than 400 aquatic species ingesting plastic and other trash.

Since plastic isn't biodegradable (things that can't break down) it will be easier for more aquatic life to become ill, hurt, and die. It would take about 500-1,000 years for plastic to break down just on land. Think how long it would take plastic to break down under water!

Why do so many aquatic life become ill, hurt, or die from plastic bags or other trash? It's because aquatic lie mistakenly will eat the trash and think it is food. The six pack rings can some how end up on sea turtles and shrink their body and she'll witch would harm the sea turtles.

700 marine species could be extinct from ingesting plastic. The two most effected animals are the sea lion and puffins because they can get tangled in riped up plastic bags and ingested the plastic to cause them to die.
Recycling can also be bad because they have to sort all types of plastic witch can take lots of time to do. It may cost more money for the industries to melt all of the plastic and then reshape it into plastic bags. Very type of plastic has it's own chemical mix and that has to be melted by its own chemical mix. It would also reduce some of the plastic in the ocean.
This is what the harm of plastic bags and other trash will do to helpless animals and aquatic life. Again you can do these things to help the environment, animals, and aquatic life. If more people do this, then the less animals and aquatic life won't go extinct.


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