Elk Island National Park


this is where elk island national park is located

The decline of the wild life population is due to people leaving trash around there campsite

Elk island national park

Elk island national park is home to Elk, moose, Canadian beaver, 520 species of birds and they have 2 species of bison 1 is wood bison another is plain bison, pygmy shrew, hawk owl, coyotes, white tail deer, Canadian lynx, porcupine, and many more

fun at elk island national park

The fun things you can do here is canoeing, hiking, mountain climb, camping, cross country skiing, skiing ,fishing and swimming

Is there any rare or endangered spiecies of animals

The trumpeter swan is the largest waterfowl in North America

the history of elk island national park

Elk island national park was first established as a game sanctuary in July 1906. Then it changed to a domination park on March 13, 1913. Then it changed to a national park in 1930 with the help of the national parks act.

long term protection

The park protects the southern boreal plains and the plateaux

unique landforms

The landforms here are tall and are perfect for climbing

is there flora and fauna found in elk island

Of course there is. there is pine trees, grass and wild flowers

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