Troop 2205

09 March 2016

Last Meeting Recap

We completed the following at our meeting on 25 February:

  • Completed step 1 and started step 5 for Cookie CEO badge. We've now completed step1, 2, 3 and 4. Step 5 will be completed at our next meeting, thus finishing this badge.
  • Got back on path for our Journey. We talked about what is involved in completing an energy audit and how to check for drafts. The girls also started making Journey journals out of recycled cardboard and reclaimed paper to hold their energy audits, their 5 days of happiness journal (to complete their World Thinking Day patch) and their Team energy pledge. We will finish making these journals at our next meeting.
  • The Initial Cookie order awards were distributed at the end of the meeting.

Next Troop Meeting

Thursday, March 10th, 5:30-7pm

Hyde Park Methodist Church, 500 West Platt St., Tampa, FL

Door code is 7281*. Please have your daughter there by 5:30 as we'll be starting promptly. Please bring any cookie money with you for our deposit this Friday.

Also, just a reminder, we collect dues at each meeting. They are $1 per meeting, whether she attends or not. I will be sending dues owed notices home at the end of this meeting. Remember, the girls are to earn this money by performing a good deed, completing a hard task willingly, being helpful, etc. Contact me if you have questions.

Parents: The remaining Troop meeting dates have been entered into Signup Genius (link below). Please go in and sign up for snacks for those meetings. Each family is responsible for providing snacks for 2 meetings. Thank you.


Exciting news from Encampment - our Katherine Mockler had the winning entry for the design of this year's Encampment patch! Well, done Katherine!! We'll distribute these patches to the girls who attended Encampment as soon as they are distributed to us (will probably be next month).

Drawing Badge

I made an error in last month's newsletter regarding the placement of the Drawing Badge (pictured here). If you haven't applied this badge to your daughter's vest yet, it goes on the RIGHT front panel of her vest, not the left. If you've already applied it, no worries, just remember that her Journey badges will then need to go on the right side, not the left. The reason for this is the Journey badges take up a large amount of space; whereas, the skill badges can be placed in multiple rows. Sorry for the confusion.

Cookie Sales Program

Well, so far the girls (and you) have done very well. As we rapidly reach the end of this year's Cookie Program, the girls are getting very close to meeting their Troop goal of 1800 boxes of cookies sold. Most of the girls have either met or exceeded the girl average of 200 boxes sold. So, Kudos to everyone!!!

Karen found 2 booths to take the place of the 2 Publix booths that were canceled. Our booth at Walgreens was so-so (we won't try this site again), but with the addition of the 5th booth at the Walmart Marketplace, we were able to get back on track. The girls did a fantastic job selling cookies this past weekend at the Bayshore Publix, selling 150 boxes of cookies, which is really good given how far we are into the cookie season. We're all set for our final booth this weekend.

I want to thank the parents who have come out and supported the booths by either ensuring your daughter was there on time and in her uniform, as well as, to the parents who helped man the booths. Also, thank you, everyone, for getting deposits to me for each of the weekly deposits against what we owe Council. I know that it's a whole lot easier to take the cookie order than it is to make the deliveries. There are troops who have girls who have made no deposits and who have over $1000 of outstanding cookie money. This creates a lot of stress for troop leaders and Cookie chairs. So thank you so much for sparing me this ordeal.

I know that the cookie sales program takes a great deal of your time and effort to ensure your daughter's success, but the rewards for her are worth it. I get the privilege of watching them in action as they conduct their sales. They are enthusiastic, confident and polite in addressing potential customers, knowledgeable about their products, and their math, at least money-wise, has improved greatly since the first booth.

Our last 2 deposits will be this Friday, March 11 and next Wednesday, March 16. You can drop off money at this week's Troop meeting on Thursday.

Sunny Palms Sweetheart Dance

I want to thank the dads who brought their daughters to this event. The girls seemed to have a good time. The pictures should be ready at the Service Unit Leadership meeting in April and will be distributed at the following Troop meeting.

We had 6 of the 10 girls attend. This Dance was our Service Unit's fundraiser to cover the costs of putting on this year's Encampment and Daisy Days. Unfortunately, the Dance was not well attended this year, so not enough money was raised to cover those costs. At the Service Unit Leadership meeting held earlier this week, Troop Leaders were informed that we should expect an additional bill for participation in Encampment/Daisy Days. Hopefully, since we had a 60% participation rate at the Dance and we had the minimum required 2 volunteers at the dance (Sydney and I), as opposed to 0% participation from the girls and no volunteers, our portion of the bill will be adjusted. At the Leadership meeting, we also discussed ways to make the Dance more fun for the girls and to move the Dance back to January, so we know what the operating budget for Encampment and Daisy Days will be up front. I'll keep you posted.

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Upcoming Events

The following are upcoming events/field trips that Sydney and I are working on for the Troop to participate in:

1. Overnight campout for this Spring

2. Horseback riding

3. Small business forum/panel

If you would like to help with any of these, please let either Sydney or myself know. Thank you to Dave Marlowe, who has volunteered to help the girls with their First Aid badge, date TBD.

Mark your Calendars

10 March - Troop Meeting

11 March - 3rd mandatory Cookie money deposit

13 March - Last day of Cookie sales - All money is to be turned in to Cookie Chair.

24 March - Troop Meeting

14 April - Troop Meeting

28 April - Troop Meeting

12 May - Troop Meeting

26 May - Troop Meeting

09 June - Troop Meeting

Troop 2205 Co-Leader

Mary Alice Floyd

Troop 2205 Co-Leader

Sydney Cowles