Why learn to keyboard?

The typist guide

Tips on typing faster

  • Typing courses are offered for various skill levels.
  • When typing you will need to use both hands. If you use two fingers it will slow you down.
  • When you are typing you will need to have good posture.
  • A good way to get better at typing is to copy pages from books.
  • If you think you are familiar with the key layout you could try not looking at the keyboard and typing a page out of a book.
  • take an advantage on using online typing tests to challenge yourself on typing faster.

How to improve your WPM.

There are a lot of ways to improve your typing skills. You can copy a page from a book to get better at typing. If you type with just two or more fingers your WPM probably wouldn't be very fast, but if you touch type your WPM would be a lot faster than with just two fingers.

Reasons to touch type:

  • If you touch-type you would get jobs or tasks done a lot quicker.
  • You would be able to have more time to do other work.
  • you would have more free time to do whatever you would want to do.

If you don't use touch type:

  • You wouldn't get many things done .
  • You won't have free time.
  • You would always be busy.
  • You would always be tired

Good health posture

When typing sit straight, have the computer screen to where you can see it. Maintain a good posture. You won't Receive back or neck pain from typing. Take breaks when your are typing. Because if you don't you will start to feel pain in your hands.

Why job employers want people who type fast and proper.

Job employers want people who can type fast, and have proper typing skills. That way they can get work done quicker. So they can get working on another assignment.