Mr. Bennett's Classroom Update

December 8 - December 19


Your third grade student continues to work very hard on completing their country research report before the holiday break. We are currently working on completing the second draft to our reports. We will spend most of this upcoming week (December 8 - 12) finishing our second drafts and then early next week we will present our reports to our class. The last few days before break, in writing, we will be exploring some different types of poetry and hopefully getting a chance to write a poem or two about the countries we researched.

My hope is to have your third grader's research report in their Friday Folder on Friday, December 19.


We will be very busy these next two weeks in reading. This week we will be completing the final week of Unit 3. Instead of completing a weekly test this Friday, December 12, we will begin taking the Unit 3 Assessment. We will complete the Unit 3 Test on Wednesday, December 17.

Due to the Unit Assessment we will only be covering new skills this upcoming week, December 8 - 11. Next week, we will be completing the Unit 3 Assessment.

Here is a break down of the skills we will be focusing on over the next week (Please take note of spelling):

Genre: Expository Text

Comprehension Strategy: Summarization

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of Events

Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes

Grammar: Combining sentences with verbs

Spelling: Prefixes - pre-, dis-, and mis-

(We will only have a spelling test the week of December 8. There will not be a spelling test the week December 15.)

Home Reading Sheets (green sheet) will be due on:

- Friday, December 12

- Friday, December 19

We will not have a green reading sheet sent home over the Holiday Break.

If you are looking for ways to work with your Third Grader on their reading comprehension here are some questions/ideas you might use. These questions will reinforce the skills we are working with the week of December 8.

- Have your student read a chapter or a few pages in an independent reading book and then have them identify 3 - 5 important events in order. (Sequencing)

- Have your student read a chapter or a few pages in an independent reading book and then have them write a summary of what they read. Have your student write the summary in 2 to 4 sentences. (Summarization)


In math, we will begin our study of division over the next two weeks. In this chapter, we will be learning different strategies to divide numbers. We will also be studying division by 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10, as well as choosing an operation to solve story problems.

Be sure to keep working on those addition and subtraction basic facts. If your child has mastered both addition and subtraction, feel free to get started on multiplication and division basic facts (0-10).

Social Studies

In the next two weeks, your third grader will be beginning to learn about the history of the City of Lincoln. We will be talking about why Lincoln was chosen as the capital city of Nebraska, who were some of the first immigrants to settle in Lincoln, as well as what became of the Plains Indians. This unit kicks off our study of Lincoln which culminates in May, when we go on the Downtown Walking Tour.

Thank you so much for all of your help with the Heritage Dolls! It has been interesting to learn about the ancestry of our students. The kids have enjoyed learning about some of the different customs of other cultures. We are looking forward to hearing and learning more about each other in the coming week!

Odds and Ends

A few reminders for the next two weeks:

We will be having a Cavett School Spirit Day this Friday, December 12. The theme for this spirit day is "Pajama Day". So if your child wants to roll out of bed and straight to school in their pjs this Friday they certain can!

Our Library check-out dates for the next two weeks:

- Tuesday, December 9

- Wednesday, December 17

Remember next Tuesday is a PLC Day and school will dismiss at 1:33.

May you and your family have the happiest of holiday seasons!