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February 5th, 2016

Hello FEC Families!!

We have a new guest reader this week. Check out the video below for Ms. Kari from Parents as Teachers reading The Perfect Hug. Every week we will have a surprise guest reader!!

We've also included a video of our students doing "I love you" rituals together. These are rituals we do with the students and they do together, to build connections and relationships. You probably do these at home also, and don't realize it! Patty Cake is an "I love you" ritual. An "I love you" ritual is anything you do with your child that builds a connection, includes touch, and makes them feel loved and accepted. Greeting our students with these helps them to feel connected and welcome.

Parents as Teachers now has openings!! If you are interested in home visits, play groups, or screenings, please call (573) 590-8050 and let us know! PAT is able to help high needs families as well. Families in need can receive free cribs and diapers, and all families receive free books. PAT is able to visit families with children prenatal to age five. Call for more information!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Sincerely, Mrs. Meyerhoff

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Things to Remember...

February 11th: Red Tasting Parties (prek 10:00 and 2:00, k 2:00)

February 15th: President's Day (No school)

March 10th: Kindergarten Orientation at the high school

March 25th - April 1st: Spring Break (no school)

April 11th - 15th: Kindergarten screening (all FEC students will be screened at school and do not need to make an appointment)

May 19th: Last day of school (dismiss 2 hours early)

June 1st - June 28th: Summer School

Conscious Discipline Corner

Painful experiences are stressful to the mind and body. To help the body release endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers), touch is important. Deep touch, like we get during a massage, releases hormones that combat the corticosteroids (stress chemicals) in the body.

One way to touch your child is to play the I Love You Ritual “Putting Lotion on the Hurts”.” This is a wonderful game to play with children after they have experienced some pain, either physical (after a fall from a bike) or emotional (after the death of a pet). You will need a bottle of hand lotion. Search the child for boo-boos, old scars or new scratches. The size or intensity of the scar or sore is not relevant. Begin the game by saying, “I am going to put some lotion on all those hurts. I see one right there. I will be very careful.” If the hurt is old, lotion can be put directly on the scar. If the hurt is new, be careful to circle around the wound with lotion. It is important that you repeat the message, “I will take care of you. No more hurts for you.” Continue looking over your child’s body for hurts. Use the time to massage old wounds. The nonverbal message to the child is, “You have experienced some pain, I notice that, and I am here for you.” Young children (under age five) are better with nonverbal communication than verbal. Even though the hurt the child experienced may be psychological, we can help address it in “child language” through touch. Psychological hurts and physical hurts activate the same pathways in the brain.

Resource from Consciousdiscipline.com (Dr. Becky Bailey)

I Love You Rituals -BOE

About FEC

FEC is the early childhood building for Fulton Public Schools. In our building, we have two Title 1 Preschool Classes, 3 Early Childhood Special Education Classes, FEC Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Parents as Teachers.