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Iris Results (IR)

About IR

IR is the best prefix around these days. IR can make you have the opposite of something. Hundreds of people from all over the world are buying this product right now! Fans magazine says that "This tool is the easiest way to make something that's bothering you into something much better that will make your heart be touched at anytime and anywhere!"

The IR

Below is a picture of the famous IR. This "flower" is a speicial type for where whenever you wish upon it (only when at least one star is visable) that object will become the opposite of what it is. This star spits very little or much (depending on what you have wished for) of a special liquid called Forelex. Forelex is the liquid that actually makes your wish become true. What this does is it seeks in through the object which you wish upon and it goes into the objects "brain," which controls what the object is, and completely changes it into the opposite of what it was and usually embellishes it.
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What the IR looks like

As you can see the IR usually has a light blue color. The IR has three petals where they have small yellow spots that people say looks like a peacock feather. This is a more rare flower and can only be found with special tools in the Bukit Nanas forest reserve is Malaysia. Only 8% of the Bukit Nanas forest reserves population ha this kind of flower.

How this flower is special

The IR is a very special flower. Usually flowers are use for decoration for your household or at a party or for your garden, but with the IR you can make wishes upon it and make yourself happy. Even with that you can still keep it as a very nice decoration for whatever you would like it to be.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is one out of our hundreds of happy customers. Mike is a photographer working for Disney in Orlando FL. Recently his camera broke down. His boss threatened his job if he didn't get a new camera soon, but he didn't have enough money to buy a new good camera that will last long. So Mike went and bought the IR. He got his old camera that he used to use, that also broke down, and that night he wished for that camera to become the opposite. That morning when he found his camera he was shocked for what he found was a brand new camera that worked perfectly. Mike got to keep his job. " Thank you so much without buying the IR i have no idea where i would be right now. It's all thanks to this flower that I kept my job. Thank you for letting me have this experience." -Mike

For only you

Parents and workers, if you are in struggles and don't know what to do why don't you try the IR? It can make your dreams turn true. Just get an object that you don't like or what is old or anything you desire to change and you can change your life forever. Be the first to try it in your neighborhood.