Hello, From Mrs.B!

Classroom Updates

IMax Field Trip

Our first field trip is Friday, September 25. Please make sure that you return the field trip form and $13 to me as soon as possible. We are allowed to take 2 chaperons per class. If we have more than 2 parents interested we will have a raffle.


Keep up-to-date on your child's grades. Graded papers come home every Tuesday. Please ask your child for their folder and go over the contents. Grades are also posted in HAC and some can be found on Edmodo.


Not sure when something is due? Can't remember the homework? Need an extra copy of the Vocabulary or other worksheet. Wondering what your grade was on the social studies test or what questions you missed on the SS quiz. You can find all that and more on Edmodo!!

Any questions you have on homework, due dates, assignments can be found in the Planner. The planner can be found on the right hand side, blue button with a 30 on it. You can look at the current week or monthly view. Just click on the assignment to get the details.

Misplaced your vocab list, bingo sheet, or project instructions. Look in the class Folder. To find our class folder first select my class on the right hand side. Then you will be taken to my group page. Look right under "Bouslog's" in the center and you will find the folder tab. All the class folders, including vocabulary, can be found there.

Grades can also be found on Edmodo! social studies quizzes and assessments grades can also be found on Edmodo. Look at the top of the page for the blue ribbon. Next to the house is a jagged line (looks like a heartbeat monitor) if you hover over it, it will say "Progress". Not only will you see the grades, but you can also pull up the quiz or assessment and see the actual test, the student's response, and correct answers. This information is available as soon as the test is submitted!!


This week in Language Arts we will be focusing on making inferences and quoting directly from the text. We will also continuing working on our Close reading strategy Notice and Note.

Many students needed additional practice on capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. I assigned addition practice exercises on StudyIsland.com. I will give them time to work on this in class, but they can also work on this at home. Their sign on is: 55S + their student # Password is: First initial + Last initial (both capitalized) + their birthday MMDDYYYY
Example: 55S123456 Password: AB10042005. The must answer 10 questions at 80% or better, but they can do the exercises as many times as they like!

We have our 2nd vocabulary test this Wednesday.

Social Studies

We are continuing to work in Chapter 1: The First Americans. We finished up Lesson 1 last week and took a quiz on Edmodo. This week we are working on Lesson 2: Adapting to Different Places. Please check out Edmodo for specific homework assignments and due dates.

This year our SS quizzes and chapter test will be in Edmodo. I love this because the students get practice with digital assessments, they get instant feedback on their test (they know their grade as well as their correct/incorrect answers), and it post instantly to the Edmodo grade book where you can access and see how they did. This type of instant feedback has proven to be a huge benefit to student learning. Most Fridays we will take a quiz on whatever lesson we worked on that week and Chapter test will be every 3-5 weeks (approximately). Check out Edmodo planner for specific dates.

Last week I showed the students how to access their online Social Studies text book. The website also has tons of interactive lessons that go along with what we are working on. The digital presentations help to reinforce what they read in their text in a fun and engaging way. There are instructions on Edmodo on how to sign in, but make sure you use chrome or Firefox! Explorer will not work properly.

Also, last week I introduced our first SS project. The kids are so excited about creating a digital museum!! Please do not start on the PowerPoint yet. Students should only be doing research and filling out their SS notebooks. I will go over next week how they set up the museum. If they start the PowerPoint early they won't have the correct set up and have to start all over. As exciting as it is make sure they are only doing the research at this point.