Monday Musings...

Thoughts from your Head Teacher

Smile for Sport Relief!

Well done to all the children for running their mile for Sport Relief on Friday. The pleasure of seeing our fastest runners finish - celebrate - and then go back to support the younger children to get to the end was so amazing. The rest of our morning was spent on a whole school writing session, based on a Sport Relief video we watched and the run - if you want to see the writing take a look in the hall as all the writing is upon on the wall. A big thank you to all parents who came and marked the way through the allotment.

Thursday morning at the Movies - Grasshoppers

I have so enjoyed reading The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe to Grasshoppers this half term. We have one more chapter left to finish the story - and the children have hung onto every single word right from the beginning. Now we are at the end of the book, I have told them that they can now watch the film. Warning though - the latest film is BIG, LOUD and most prob a little scary for the younger ones. So on Thursday morning, we are going to be watching the 1976 animated version of the story all together - with a popcorn break in the middle.

Thursday Afternoon - THE BIG REVEAL!

I will be sharing with the children the title of our Musical that we will be performing at the end of the summer term on Thursday afternoon this week. It has been so funny to hear the different ways they think I am going to give something away! They will also be bringing home a letter with information about the play and a return slip to bring back after the break where they let me know what sort of part they would like. Very Exciting!

Thursday 24th March - End of Term

All are welcome to our End of Term assembly on Thursday this week. We will be starting promptly at 3pm at Castle Hill Church. Our assembly will finish at 3.30pm and all children need to be collected from the church please. There will be no after school on Thursday. Please note that the children return to school on Tuesday 12th April and that summer uniform may be worn from then - depending on what the weather is doing!

Dad's Curry Night - Thursday this week - Message from Andrew

Hi chaps!
Just a reminder about our night out on Thursday (24th March). Thanks for your replies so far (Tim and Julian). The plan is to meet 7ish in the Dove and then go to Dhaka's. Please let me know if you can make it. I'll book a larger table, so if anyone can make it at the last minute there will be room for you!
Look forward to seeing you then!