The velvets are inflammations of the outside of the genitals or vulva caused by colored or perfumed toilet paper, creamy soaps, shampoos and conditioners,

laundry with washing powder or fabric softeners.
Frequent washes are not recommended because they increase pelvic inflammation.
Treatments can be supplemented with antibacterial creams and gels which increase the acidity of secretion and thus prevent the development of bacteria. kyle leon scam
The case of atrophic virginities occurring in postmenopausal women, treatment with progesterone is used, as narrowing of the vaginal canal may occur.
The best way to be forewarned against vaginal diseases is to change certain habits.
A change in eating habits and clothing produces a lasting improvement;. Should not only be treating the disease is important to prevent and treat the causes

of landslides The sexually transmitted diseases require a treatment that involve the other member of the couple Source:
What is vaginal discharge?
It is characterized by an irritation in the genital organ or the vulva or abnormal vaginal discharge outlet (discharge) that may or may not have unpleasant smell.

Might be accompanied by itching, burning or increased urinary frequency
How is it diagnosed?